How are school lunches in different countries

Sweetgreen restaurant chain has decided to compare what students eat lunch around the world. They made a series of photos with a typical range of dishes that are offered in school cafeterias. The diet of children usually try to make the most healthy and correct, but all this is why it turns out differently. The photo clearly shows how different countries are different eating habits and how they are affected by culture and climate. In South Korea, Italy and eat a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables for the French norm - a piece of brie for lunch, and in the cold of Finland, like us, dinner starts with soup.

Website offers you admire the photos and maybe learn from them new ideas. Why not tomorrow to arrange his Brazilian family lunch (or dinner), and the next day - the Greek?


Fish with arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, salad caprese (mozzarella), bread, grapes.


Beef steak, cheese, carrots, green beans, fruit.

South Koreya

Fish soup, tofu and rice, kimchi (pickled cabbage), broccoli, fresh pepper.


Chicken nuggets with sauce, mashed potatoes, peas, canned fruit, cookies.


Chicken with orzo (small pasta), stuffed grape leaves with vegetables, salad, fruit, yogurt with pomegranate.


Pea soup, braised beets, carrot salad, pancakes, fresh fruit, bread.


Shrimp, a mixture of brown and white rice, gazpacho (tomato soup), salad, bread, orange.


Pork with vegetables, beans and rice, salad, bread, fried bananas.

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