Planet does not need successful people

success - this is not something that is stremitsya.Ekolog and writer David Orr in one of his books suggested, which has long haunted version of Website < /: «Planet does not need a large number of" successful people ". The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and love. It needs people, next to which is good to live. The planet needs people with morality, who are willing to join in the fight to make the world a safe and humane. And these qualities have little to do with the "success", as defined in our society ».

Of course, you may speculate that Orr - representative of Western culture , in which success is equated solely with money and the ability to reach a goal at all costs. Like, we have something in Russia everything is different, and we are highly moral and spiritually rich downright at the genetic level. But this is not so.

In 2013, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducted a study which revealed that mean for the modern concept of the Russians' success. " Most respondents linked to the success of the material well-being. 26% of respondents considered a successful one who has achieved all in life, and 26% - living in prosperity, but for the 10% criterion for success was a good job. Of course, there were those who said that successful children grow well, to create a strong family, a decent and good man, but such answers were much smaller.

And have to admit that we ourselves already firmly inscribed in the Western system of values ​​, in which the principle of "faster, higher, stronger" is the only credo.

It is neither bad nor good. The problem is that it defines our way of being in a small and cozy, but cramped and burdened by various challenges the world.

Let's think for a moment, the representatives of which professions we call "successful» Come to mind famous actors and singers of all stripes, politicians, top business people - all those who are endowed with power, money, or simply popular. Try to imagine a "successful physician." Who is he who is able to carry out complex operations at a high level, and saves lives or the one who opened a private clinic, had acquired rich clients and made his fortune? "A successful writer" - the one who created a truly outstanding work or who published millions of copies? And much like a combination of a "successful scientist", "successful teacher," "successful geologist" and does appear to be an oxymoron in this context.

This is where the paradox arises, which initially said David Orr: turns out that the planet revolves not at the expense of those whom we amicably dubbed the "successful" and hoisted on the podium "Successful people" do not teach our children in school. "Successful people" do not treat us from the cold. "Successful people" do not save the Earth from global warming. "Successful people" does not bake bread, do not drive trams and do not wash the floor in your office. But those who make this objective much more useful to society than the whole army of pop pevichek, managers and oligarchs.

The most interesting thing is not the point. The most surprising, that in modern society, "success" does not equal "happiness" is practically under any conditions. For example, "successful women" commonly referred to as careerists, and "happy" somehow still - wives and mothers. "Successful men" again believe those who know how to make money and provide themselves with material things and "happy man" ... In all honesty, when the last time you heard of someone called "the happiest man»?

The current model of success and happiness rule out, in principle, is unhealthy. The University of British Columbia conducted a psychological study, which revealed that many top managers come from a small percentage of the population inclined to psychopathy. This is due to the fact that these people are willing to go all out to compete for every opportunity that gives them an advantage over their more balanced counterparts.

It is clear that psychopathic model of success is simply obliged to be destructive. Maybe the world is why so many wars, bloodshed, endless economic crises - we just put on a "successful" psychopaths, piously trusting in their normal and trying his best to be like them ?

The world of "successful" people are extremely lonely surround them only subordinates, competitors and sometimes partners who at any moment can turn into competition. By and large, they have nothing more, but his own "success" and the benefits that it provides. Therefore, the destructive actions directed outward, in a hostile, competitive world, it is natural and even internally grounded. They do not add any happiness or love or beauty, but it can fix "success».

Perhaps it is time to reconsider our idea of ​​success? We assume successful people who every day make the world a little better - a little bit, as far as possible, without claiming to be global in scope. Just "I arose in the morning, washed, brought himself into order - and immediately set in order his planet." We appreciate the wise men, not trained speakers to evaluate the actions and motives, not words. We will do a good job, not because it will bring some ephemeral "success", but because we like it. And if you do not like - we will go and look for something that will appeal to re-do it well. We cherish their families, attentive to the children.

And then - an amazing deal! - We do not notice how successful people become much more. They will be just as much, and happy, to understand that they are not in vain live in this world. And these people have will need the planet, because they will have no reason to destroy it. Finally, we will deal creation.

Svetlana Gorbunova,



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