Dr. Stanley bass: What happens to your body when transitioning to a healthy diet

If I were asked what area the problem of nutrition is the most misunderstood, I would have immediately replied that it was — the inability to correctly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes that promote the transition to a more reasonable and proper nutrition program.

What we mean by "a better program"? This primarily means the introduction in the diet of higher-quality products.

For example, a person replaces the protein-rich product like pork, beef. In this case, the beef may be considered preferable due to its easier absorption by the body, the lower its content of fat, etc. In turn, chicken is preferable to beef for the same reasons. Beans, lentils, peas, combined with vegetables richer in nutrients needed to restore health.

As you move up the scale of quality of the products we include in the diet foods rich in proteins, which can be used without heat treatment, for example, cheese made from raw milk without salt. Then come the nuts and seeds that can be eaten in its natural form (raw and unsalted).

Summarize: the closer the foods we eat, to its natural state or less than they were subjected to heat treatment, the higher their quality. If these conditions persist almost all the enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and "life force". This "life force", in turn, helps to restore healthy tissue.

The same classification of quality which we used in the analysis of proteinaceous products, applies to carbohydrates (starchy and sugary foods), fats and foods rich in minerals.

The quality of the nutritional program is improved by ELIMINATING toxic to the body products such as:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • tobacco,
  • salt,
  • pepper.

What does the quality of the products to restore health? The bottom line is this. The HIGHER quality the food we eat, the SOONER we get rid of the diseasebecause we are able to correctly digest and assimilate this food.

To this must be added the knowledge of:

a) proper food combining;

b) the correct sequence in the acceptance of different kind of products, namely: the most easily digested food should be eaten first, the more complex — in the second place, and the most concentrated to the latter;

C) the required number of products of each type that should be eaten at each meal;

d) the correct time for eating (when there is hunger, not on a schedule).

What will happen if people follow these rules and will dramatically improve the quality of food consumed? Wonderful things begin to happen as with the body and personality.

Amazing intelligence inherent in every cell of the body, and the wisdom of the body will begin immediately to manifest itself in action.

There is a rule:when the quality of the food entering the body, becomes higher quality fabrics that make up the body, the body begins to reject materials of lower level and give place to the more advanced material that allows you to build new healthy tissue. This rule is called the plan of evolution of nature.

The body is very picky and ALWAYS strive to become better, to improve health.

The body ALWAYS tries and ALWAYS tries to produce health if we don't interfere.

Only with this improvement we really stop to go back to the old and purchase a new disease.

Independent attempts of the struggle for colds, fevers, cuts, swelling, injuries, etc., gives an infinite number of examples of how our body, the body tends toward health ALWAYS — no matter what we are doing to stop the process.

What symptoms occur when we first begin to eliminate poor quality products and replace them with higher quality products — more alive, more natural than the products to which we are accustomed?

When suddenly stops the use of toxic stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate or cocoa, tend to be headaches, and the observed loss of strength. This happens because the body eliminates the toxins called caffeine and theobromine, which extend from the tissues and transported through the circulatory system for many of the life cycles of the organism.

Before the toxins reach the places where they will be finally destroyed, they will be irritating, causing headache.

Lack of energy is due to the lower activity of the heart — a residual effect, after the upcoming stimulation of cardiac деятельн6ости, which occurs when the use of certain toxic substances called stimulants.

Rapid heartbeat (pulse) gives a sense of recovery, and slow — the feeling of depression.

Usually within three days these symptoms disappear, and then we feel better because our forces are restored.

The food is low quality requires more effort to prepare. Spices, salt and other ingredients are added by us to make it more exciting than natural, less processed foods.

Animal productssuch as meat, poultry, fish, etc are more stimulating than cheese, nuts and vegetable proteins. Therefore, when we refuse from food of animal origin, it gives a decrease of cardiac activity, residual effect, which is reflected in the brain as a relaxation or decrease in energy. This initial loss of strength lasts about ten days or a little more, and then the condition improves, starts a burst of energy, stress is reduced.

Now let's get back to the symptoms that appear in the restructuring process of our body.

The man who moved to a more correct diet, stayed on it from three days to a week and then quit, will say, "Oh! I felt better eating the old way, the new diet made me weak." He's wrong, as you didn't give your body a chance to adjust and complete this first phase of recovery. If he waited a little longer, it would feel much better than before.

During this initial phase, lasting from ten days to several weeks (in rare cases), the life force, which are usually located on the periphery or in the outer parts of the body (muscles, skin), begin to penetrate into the internal organs and start reconstruction.

Such a transfer of all forces to the internal organs, areas creates a sense of reduction of energy in the muscles, which is interpreted by the brain as a kind of weakness, but is just a repositioning of forces on the more important internal parts. Here it is important for people to reduce energy consumption, more rest and sleep. This is a critical phase, and if people here resort to stimulants of any kind, he will violate and frustrate the recovery plan of the body.

It is very important to have patience and faith to wait a little, and after a while You will feel the power that you have never felt before the program.

Success in recovering or improving health depends on a proper understanding of this point realizing that the body is using its main energies in more important internal work and not wasting them outside, including muscle movement. Be wise — take it for granted and relax.

As the person continues to adhere to a superior diet and is constantly improving the quality of the food, begin to appear interesting symptoms. The body begins a process called "restoration".

Cellular "mind" argues approximately as follows: "Oh! Look at all these incoming materials! How wonderful — we have a chance to get rid of this old garbage and build a beautiful new house. Let's start immediately. Let us get this excess bile from the liver and stomach bubble and send it into the intestine for release. Let's expel these toxins from the arteries, veins and capillaries. These smelly, gassy, unthinkable masses have been here too long, let's get rid of them! This arthritic deposits in the joints require cleaning. Let's drive away the irritating food concentrates, aspirins, sleeping pills, drugs, along with all the fat deposits that make life so burdensome for us. Let's start and will continue to until our body does not come in wonderful working condition".

First may be headaches, you may experience heat or cold, the skin may be covered in a rash, maybe some time to work sluggish bowel, or, conversely, you experience diarrhea, you may receive a feeling of tiredness or weakness, aversion to motion, irritability, inconsistency, mental depression, frequent urination, etc., etc.

However, the majority of people find these reactions tolerable and demonstrate self-control, as the improvements that have already happened and happen every day all the more obvious.

And it's inspiring.

Symptoms will vary depending on:

  • materials which are rejected;
  • state bodies involved in the cleaning process;
  • the amount of energy You have.
The more You'll relax and sleep, the weaker they will be and the sooner they will stop.

Very good that You have symptoms of adjustment of the organism. Deep hearken to what the entire body is becoming younger and healthier every day because You get rid of all more and more toxins, which will eventually bring You pain, disease and suffering many times worse.

Those who have most strongly manifested symptoms, reactions, and who passed them to extinction, thus avoided a very serious disease, which eventually evolved would, if they continued to pay attention to your eating habits.

Do not expect that if You'll continue to go on the quality scale, i.e.'ll improve your diet, You will feel better day by day until you reach perfection.

The activity of the body is cyclical in nature, and health develops in a series of ever-decreasing cycles.

For example, You switched to a better diet, and yet feel much better. But after a while there is a symptom: You can during the day to feel nausea, and it may be diarrhea with a disgusting smell. And the next day You feel better than before, and yet again at some time will be fine. Then You suddenly caught a cold, feel chills and lose your appetite. After two or three days (assuming You didn't have to take pills to take or something like that), You suddenly recover and feel as good as we have for many years not felt.

Put that You will feel that way for about two months, and then suddenly appears itch or rash. Still don't do anything against it. Rash blush, will increase, and so will about ten days. And suddenly it will disappear.

Immediately after that, You will find that Your hepatitis is gone, and the forces became more than before. Through this rash came out accumulated in the liver poisons, which caused the hepatitis.

All the time: each response will be weaker than the previous one, as the body becomes purer and purer. The cycles will be shorter in duration and they will follow more and longer periods of remarkable health, and it will continue as long as Your health will not work on a high plateau.

Here You become relatively free from disease and filled with ever increasing joy.

Full life and happiness come from an absolutely wonderful feeling. Your thoughts will be released, the sensations will become clear and deep, and You'll sing with joy. You will begin to love the world, the Universe and everything in it.

It is a natural state of mind — happiness, joy and being in peace with the entire Universe — and this can be achieved, if you follow the law of the Cosmos.

The first laws that You should learn is the laws of nature.

We must learn to eat simple, pure and natural foods, properly prepared and combined, and our body, in turn, throw out all harmful that we have accumulated previously.

Nowhere is the principle of remission of sins is not so obvious as it is here, in our own bodies — when we abandon our harmful of destructive eating habits (polluting the temple of the Soul).

God (or Nature as You please) gives us a chance for a new, happy life.

The body should begin full "repentance" — through a cleansing diet and natural products.

Your own eyes, You will daily see signs that will astound You infinite wisdom of what is happening.

The sacrament of the body, actions of Nature, the vital forces working in Nature and the Cosmos are far beyond what our minds are prepared to understand. Every great physicist or other scientist who has ever lived on earth, bowed in awe before the wonders of Nature.published


Author: Dr. Stanley bass

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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