Rice diet not only weight loss, but also cleansing of the body

Everyone who has ever tried to actively fight against excess weight well heard about the rice diet and its excellent results. To some it seemed boring and monotonous, someone abandoned her because of dislike of the mess, but some because of all the circumstances realized that the rice diet is necessary for them and decided to sit on it. The right decision, it is worth to notice!

Why do rice diet for weight loss has caused a boom among the broad masses of the population, what makes it so special, porridge like porridge. But, no! In rice, first of all, contains a lot of amino acids that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body, as well as a number of minerals and vitamins.

For example, potassium stimulates the cardiac muscle, thereby reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Calcium helps bones, nails and hair to be strong and healthy, and that phosphorus, zinc, iodine, iron, and b vitamins are of great value for all systems say no. Rice also contains protein, and most importantly, it is unlike other granular no gluten which can trigger allergic reactions, and sodium salts.


What provokes the accumulation of fat mass in the body, why we suffer a lot of diseases from excess weight? These and many similar questions are asked hundreds of people who have problems with excess body weight. The answer, as usual, is simple: the slags, the presence in the body of toxins, salts and other debris and causes metabolic disorder, which leads to active weight gain and several diseases.

But to solve the problem is by cleansing the body. It offers you rice diet, which was designed. Making your diet rice porridge, you guarantee not only weight loss, but also thorough cleaning of the body. Rice, like brush, exfoliate harmful substances and bring them in a natural way.

Convinced of the effectiveness of the rice diet? Well, now you can safely go for the rice and start to attack pounds and wastes. But do not hurry, because for maximum effect you need to purchase not the white, a familiar figure, but rather brown, not cleaned. It hid the most useful substances, which after the steam treatment will be available to you.

And now you face a choice, as rice diet for weight loss consists of several options, and what to prefer – the choice is yours.

Option # 1

It's more like not on a diet but on a fasting day. By the way, these "light" days can diversify your diet and help rid your body of stagnated water and salt.

Rice unloading takes place so: take Cup of rice and rinse carefully put it on the stove to prepare (preferably a little think it). The whole mess should be measured over the day and eat small portions. You can also drink pure water, natural juices and unsweetened green tea.

On the advice of nutritionists can do so: in order not to burden yourself with times a week, simplify mode, setting up a three-day cleaning once a month. It's not so expensive and more efficient, try it and you will make sure of that.

Option # 2

This is like a complete diet, which can be observed from 7 to 14 days. You do not think that all this time you have to eat kilograms of rice, washing it down with water (the old stereotype of advertising). On the contrary, in parallel with the rice you'll eat in the diet of vegetables and fruits, limiting itself to sweet, fried and fatty.

Diet planned for the holidays, read it and take the right decision on the way to a beautiful figure and a healthy body and spirit.

DAY 1:

Breakfast:take 50 grams of rice porridge filling her up with lemon juice and eat 1 Apple

Lunch: make a salad in the amount of 150 g of boiled rice and various vegetables with the addition of drops of olive oil

Dinner: we should eat 150 g rice, boiled carrots

DAY 2:

Breakfast: for Breakfast Now you can fill the rice juice, and sour cream (20 g) and eat 1 orange

Lunch: 150 g of rice, some boiled young zucchini

Dinner: again rice (150 g), boiled carrots 1 PC.

DAY 3rd:

Breakfast: the same 50 g. rice, medium pear

Dinner: spoil yourself with original salad of rice, cucumbers and roasted mushrooms with a total amount of 150 g

Dinner: rice and boiled cabbage

DAY 4:

Breakfast: Now to the usual 50 grams of rice, add 200 ml milk and one Apple

Lunch: 150 g of rice, 50 g carrots and radishes

Dinner: 150 g of rice, a couple walnuts, boiled carrots – 1 PC.

DAY 5:

Breakfast: rice add raisins and a glass of nonfat yogurt

Lunch: rice (150 g) and again boiled zucchini with a bunch of any greenery

Dinner: 150 g of rice add 4 walnuts nuts and lettuce

DAY 6:

Breakfast: rice 4 walnut pear medium size

Lunch: 150 g boiled rice 50 g zucchini with lettuce

Dinner: 150 g of rice, a spoon of sour cream pear (1 PC.)

DAY 7, final:

Breakfast: 50 grams of rice and a green Apple

Lunch: eat rice with tomato and lettuce, can all combine and are delicious on their own

Dinner: 100 gr. rice cooked zucchini

As you can see, the menu is varied and not boring. But if you think that after serving faithfully on this diet 1-2 weeks, you will be able to afford everything you ate before, you're wrong. Portions of food need to reduce, cease to abuse the forbidden sweet-fat-fried foods, move more and weight will be stable, and the body working like a clock.

Option # 3

Acts of prevention with the purpose of the body cleanse. If you take this option into service throughout the life, you can forget about constipation, toxins and toxins.

The morning fasting to eat a couple of tablespoons of rice, a little nedovrsenoj and drink then a few hours of no liquids. Then go back to your regular diet.

Also have specially designed rice diet after 30 years, which allows all women and men to forget about extra pounds. Its menu is different, but the duration is 7 days, during which the need to limit the consumption of salt.

Menu for the entire period:

For Breakfast is 100 g boiled rice, 150 ml low-fat yogurt or kefir with a spoon of honey.Lunch consists of 150 g of poultry meat (not a goose, not a duck) cooked in a double boiler, and 100 g of rice. For dinner make a selection of 50 g of rice, vegetables and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Conducting a survey among people in this age category, it was concluded that the rice diet after 30 years of help, no less effectively than in earlier years.

Now you understand why it is so popular rice diet? Reviews about it are amazing, to many people it has helped to change lives for the better, to change the usual 54 size 44-46 and all this for a short period of time. Some see results in the first days, but someone needs time to weight finally moved off dead center.

What are the advantages of the rice diet?

1. Rice is very healthy and tasty product which helps to cleanse the body, saturate it with vitamins and microelements. Its combination with different foods is ideal, it allows you to make a variety of dishes.

2. Rice removes waste, toxins, salt and excess fat, which positively affects not only the process of losing weight, but also on the organism as a whole.

But rice diet has its disadvantages. What?

1. Diet creates the illusion of weight, because to a greater extent from the body enters the water, which is returned immediately, as soon as you start to use salt. Perfect to sit on a rice diet before some important event.

2. Rice can appear on the stomach, especially if the diet it will be used very often.

3. The probability of failure is very high, control yourself! If you love rice, then you are on the right path, and is a rice diet. Reviews about it can be positive and you'd only try, and you will forget and sagging stomach and bad health. Good luck in the difficult battle! published


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