What are the similarities: the earthquake in Japan; Putin and Biden

The disaster in Japan is developed on the worst-case scenario, today it is more than obvious. At first glance, everything seems to fit into the sequence of events associated with strong earthquakes but why so many? And why are they all in the same place and with such magnitude?

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Military technology has always been far ahead of ... civil. Computers, satellite maps, navigation devices, microwave ovens, mobile phones, Internet, etc. etc. all this was 20-30 years earlier in the military than in the civilian, and you know what is now engaged in the military?

Climatic guns, plasma, electromagnetic, etc. Do not worked here very HAARP (http://terminator-slv.livejournal.com/179894.html)? And is there any evidence to this effect? It turns out there is. Recall first of all what has been. Here is what that same Benjamin Fulford: in 2007, he spoke with the Minister of Finance of Japan (it is worth noting that the volume of investments in US Treasury securities by the end of November last year, Japan is in second place with $ 757, 3 billion), and he told him that a group of American and European oligarchs threatened Japan with artificial earthquakes (http://vz.ru/news/2011/3/13/475234.html) if Japan refuses to give them control over their financial system (http: // terminator-slv. livejournal.com/134331.html). Fulton drew parallels between the odd earthquake (occurred right under the nuclear power plant in Japan in 2007 mhttp: //www.dni.ru/news/2011/3/12/208860.html) and a series of earthquakes in China (as well as the Chinese province of Sichuan known inexplicably shook the whole four mesyatsahttp: //news.rambler.ru/9262129/). The conclusions were stunning and potdverzhdeny they found more than enough (http://terminator-slv.livejournal.com/175878.html). That's what turned verification induction HAARP magnetometer at Tokyo University. Before you have a week of silence HAARP electromagnetic ended at about 0:00 am on March 9, 2011 (time UTC)

At about 0:00 am on March 9, 2011 (time UTC) HAARP has been running at full speed (and where would they know the vz.ru/society/2011/3/11/474927.html and running in this mode the last 38 hours. What is this if not proof of an attack on the country? By the way is easy to guess that here, too gnarly China under the gun, because the nuclear disaster at the right hand plays the dying hegemon.

Speaking of the Japanese tsunami (remember that the ocean has been discovered mass inverted vessels)

and it is through the mechanics of creating earthquakes HAARP

The nuclear disaster in Japan would be disastrous for Russia that again into the hands of the dying economy hegemonic global catastrophe zealously guard its competitors in order to as well as after profinansirovaniya Sephardic pedonatsikov and arranged them war again be the only functioning economy ...

Here's another puzzle worthy of attention. Earthquake 8.9 points in Japan occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers, it is that these "earthquakes" occur with surprising regularity everywhere except the US (in the US they occur at a depth of 5 kilometers). Next clue: The boundary (surface) Moho (Moho for short) - the lower limit of the earth's crust, where there is a sharp increase in the velocity of longitudinal seismic waves 6, 7-7, 6 to 7, 9-8, 2 km / sec, and the cross - 3, 6-4, 2 to 4, 4-4, 7 km / sec. Moho is traced around the globe at a depth of 5 to 70 km. It may not coincide with the boundary of the Earth's crust and mantle, likely being the interface between layers of different chemical composition. The surface usually follows the terrain. In general, the shape of the Moho is a mirror image of the outer surface of the lithosphere of relief: it is higher than under the oceans, under the continental plains - below.


For that fought for it and ran ...

Japan has long been threatened by earthquakes. What Biden told Putin on March 9?

National Center for Democratic Studies Anviktori offers its readers a video translation of Canadian researchers, a former Forbes living in Japan, Benjamin Fulford. Fulford has long dedicated investigation secret ties of the powerful. In this video, Benjamin expresses confidence in the artificial nature of earthquakes, arranged with the help of HAARP facilities that an international criminal elite uses as a weapon against dissenting modes. He bluntly states that Japan has long been threatened, referring to a conversation with a former Japanese finance minister, and calls the largest country in the world for an international investigation.


Benjamin Fulford on WeatherWars & Japan 8.9 EARTHQUAKE.

Benjamin Fulford on weather wars and an earthquake in Japan, the power of 8, 9 points.

Last year I interviewed Hezo Takenaka, former Minister of Finance, on the topic - why he was allowed to monitor the financial system in Japan, United States and European oligarchs. He and his agent told me that this was due to the fact that Japan threatened the use of machines that can cause earthquakes. I did not believe it at the time. However, when I started looking for more information about what is happening, the Japanese police security told me that, due to the fact that I published on sites like www .rense.com, was scheduled to hit the city of Niigata City earthquake.

Two days later, Japan's largest nuclear reactor has become the epicenter of two earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.5 points. It caused me a lot of questions and I started doing research and found information about HAARP I realized that using it could cause an earthquake, and doing it by firing billions of watts of microwaves in the ionosphere, which is part of the atmosphere with a lot of energy. The ionosphere is pushed up into space and then bounces back, causing an earthquake.

As an opera singer can shatter a glass by singing at certain frequencies or someone spends with a scratch on the blackboard with chalk, you have a strange feeling. If they only push the vibration on the target, they can do so. The same machine can heat the ground water, causing an earthquake. What are microwaves? They heat the water. Now imagine, if you send billions of watts of microwaves into a tropical storm. You can make it a lot more, and change direction. You know about the field of high and low pressure. The area of ​​high pressure - it is the heat and the low pressure area - cold. And a high pressure area moves to an area of ​​low pressure and vice versa. They can heat an area of ​​low pressure and move to another location, direction. These people have all the power to create a cyclone that struck Myanmar can be caused by the tsunami in Indonesia and the earthquake in China.

After the earthquake in Niigata, members inegau crime family, who live near the US Air Force base in Yokota, they told me that their boss is George Bush Senior. In other words, they worked on the "Skull and Bones". And they invited me to a meeting of the so-called "UFO" and showed me a video with the use of a weapon. They said that it is obvious this UFO, but I think it's a plasma, plasma weapons and high-precision weapons, or heat stroke, created billions of microwaves. I predicted in his blog that the Internet will glow frames over China before the earthquake, and then there are videos on the Internet, as I warned. In addition, the Taiwanese satellite has identified a 50% fall in electricity in the ionosphere above the earthquake zone.

Now, if there was 50 potsentnoe decreased energy, this is what would happen under the influence of HAARP, which pushed up the ionosphere and brought it back. So mad criminals who captured the US government, kill and threaten people with this weapon. I have some evidence and I want to ask the government of China, Russia and Japan to tell the world all that they know about this weapon and use of US armed forces. I would also like to ask the loyal and patriotic US Air Force pilots to bomb parageneratory HAAPR stations in Greenland and Alaska, to stop the massacre, whose victims are already five hundred thousand people. If we find out that the tsunami in Indonesia was caused by these weapons, we will have a good chance. It seems that the earthquake had been planned. They asked the Government of Indonesia and the Malacca Strait open and join the fight against terrorism. They refused. What happened? Tsunami! And Indonesia suddenly began to cooperate.

In Myanmar (Burma, communist state - note version) elections were to be held. And suddenly there was an earthquake. And what do you think? It turned out to be way off the coast of the US ships, France and Britain, with food stocks. It would take a couple of weeks to get up there, but they were already there. And China has just agreed to join India, Russia and Brazil and other countries of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). A very friendly Japan held a summit at which the Emperor of Japan met with the leader of China three times. President Bush met with the Emperor of Japan for 8 years, in other words the United States becoming isolated and instead of being the world police, they become global gangsters and they must be stopped. And they have no forgiveness in persuading Western society in support of the Third World War. That's what they want, but do not receive.

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