50 interesting facts about Japan

Japan - a unique country. Technology is successfully blended with ancient customs and traditions, and the locals respect the tourists who can say their language at least two phrases. Also here the lowest percentage of rapes in the world. Other interesting facts you can read under the cut. In Japan, Valentine's Day show sympathy and give gifts to the girls. This tradition allows girls to say "yes" without having to wait until the Japanese man typed the courage to approach her.
Snowmen decided to sculpt a strictly two balls instead of three, as in the rest of the world.
In Japan, a cheap fish and meat, but it is very expensive fruit. An apple is worth two dollars, five-a bunch of bananas. The most expensive piece of fruit - melon, cultivar such as our "torpedo" in Tokyo will cost two hundred dollars.
Colonel Sanders - one of the main symbols of Christmas in Japan, as the Coca-Cola in the United States. On Christmas Eve, the Japanese love the whole family to go to KFC and eat a large portion of chicken wings. The celebration of Christmas, of course, formal, because the vast majority of Japanese people - Buddhists and Shintoists.

The Japanese eat dolphins. Of these, make soup, prepared kusiyaki (Japanese barbecue), even eaten raw. At the dolphin meat is quite tasty, quite unlike the fish.
Japanese subway trains have women-only carriages. They are attached in the morning to rush hour no one molested girls. Japanese voyeurs, and feeling girls packed trains - something like a national sport.
Thus in Japan one of the lowest percent PHI & silovany world. Five times less than in Russia.
In Japan, everyone knows that Hello Kitty is originally from England.

The Japanese never leave work on time. They wait until the chief himself, or let them go home. And the chiefs retained usually for three to four hours, sometimes longer.
If for some reason you need to leave on time, for example, a woman of the child in kindergarten, it is considered betrayal of the company. And the next day so the employee can find their shoes in the garbage, or that his computer is "broken", or a cup of "robbery". Thus all colleagues will smile in his face.
Therefore, most Japanese girls dream of marrying a foreigner and leave the country, because life is married to a Japanese or Japanese is to sort garbage and care of the house and children, or in a constant gap between home and work.
In Japan, the school year begins on the first of April and is divided into trimesters.
Even in cold weather, autumn, winter or spring, schoolgirls do not wear tights, stockings only provided for school uniforms. Uniform skirts vary in length, depending on age: the older the disciple, the shorter the skirt.

If shorts, skirt or dress a woman so short that seen ass and panties, this is normal. But the neck, the more profound, unacceptable.
The question of honor plays a central role in Japan, even in politics. Last Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned after it was unable to fulfill a campaign promise. Two of his predecessors, too.
Japan - the only country in the world where the criterion of delay is considered minute train abroad. The only reason for the delay of the train - it's suicide under its wheels.
In Japan, one of the highest suicide rates in the world. It happens that committed suicide "for the company" or by the decision of the head of the family.
In Japan, still 30% of the weddings is the result of organization and matchmaking parents Smotrin (Omya).

In all the northern cities of Japan, where snow falls in winter, heated sidewalks and streets. Icing does not happen, and snow clean is not necessary. Very convenient!
At the same time in Japan, there is no central heating. Each apartment warms as it may: oil heaters, stoves, kerosene and gas.
The Japanese have a word "karoshi," meaning "death from pereutruzhdeniya." On average, every year with this diagnosis die ten thousand people.
Smoking is allowed everywhere except in airports and railway platforms. But no boxes and you can not shake off the ashes at his feet, so every smoker Japanese carries a small pepelnichku, which shakes off the ashes and puts the butt.
Japan - the last country in the world to formally retain the title of the Empire. The imperial dynasty has never been interrupted. The reigning Emperor Akihito today - a direct descendant of the first emperor Jimmu, who founded Japan in 711 BC.
The Japanese are always talking about food, and during the meal discussing treat. Dinner without saying a few times «oishii» (delicious), very rude.

The Japanese language is simultaneously used three types of writing: hiragana (syllabic system for recording Japanese words), Katakana (syllabic system for recording borrowing words) and Kanji (hieroglyphics). With mind driving, yes.
In Japan, no guest workers. This is achieved by the simple law: the minimum wage, which is allowed to hire foreign workers in Japan, more than the average salary of the Japanese labor. Thus, the employer more profitable to hire a Japanese than the foreigner.
Almost all railroads in Japan - private. The only exceptions are high-speed trains "Shinkansen».
Fuji is a privately owned Shinto Hongu Sengen Great Temple, which houses the deed of gift from the Shogun, dating from the year 1609.

Japanese language consists of several levels of politeness: Elementary, respectful, polite and very courteous. Women almost always speak in a respectful form of language, men - to conversational.
The Japanese have no month names, instead they are indicated by ascending numbers. For example, in September - is "kugatsu", which means "nine month».
98.4% of the Japanese population are ethnic Japanese.
In Japan, prisoners have no right to vote in elections.
If the Japanese do not want to carry out your request, he will never say "no." He will tell you to think about how we can help you, you asked a difficult task, and it requires time to think. But the response will not be ever.
Tokyo - the safest metropolis in the world. Six-year children can independently use public transport. Looting missing.
The ninth article of the Japanese Constitution prohibits the country to have an army and fought in the war.
In Japan, there is no dumping, as all the garbage is processed. Wastes are divided into four types: glass, burned, processed or burn garbage. Each type of waste is removed on a certain day, and it can be disposed of only in strictly allotted numbers.
Waste sorting by women.
On the streets of boxes either, only special bins for the collection of bottles. A case that a purely where no crap.

In Japan, a very low pensions. Maximum payment of social needy elderly is 30,000 yen, about three hundred dollars. Mandatory pension insurance and no, it is assumed that every Japanese must himself take care of their old age.
The first service is always men. The restaurant first man leaves the order and bring it to the first drink. The first stores are always greeted with a man.
All toilets are equipped with heated toilet seat and at least ten buttons. They know how to make a sound of running water to hide the natural sounds of the one who sits on it.

In Japan, tipping is strictly not accepted. It is believed that as long as the customer pays for the service assigned a price, he remains with the seller on an equal footing. If the customer tries to leave extra money, he thereby devalues ​​provides the service or product, relegating equal exchange to the handouts.
In Japanese, there is a popular MTV series Usavich, cartoon about two rabbits, Putin and Kiriyenko, trying to survive in a police state.
The age of consent in Japan - 13 years. Since then, the person is deemed capable of giving informed consent to the CE & A with another person.
In Japanese, the word "wrong" and "different" are designated by the same word "Chikhai».
The phone has a Japanese system of emergency notification nation. When there is some kind of cataclysm, all phones triggered a loud signal (even if the sound was off) and displays a message explaining what happened and how to behave.
Few people know that the word "wool", "Pollock" and "iwashi" borrowed from the Japanese. But about a "tsunami" and "typhoon" heard everything.
The Japanese, too, have borrowed from Russian. The word "ikura" (caviar) and "Norum" (normal). There is still a funny expression "count of the people" (the people), it got from Alexander II.
In Japan, the death penalty. In 2013 in Japan, eight were executed criminals. In the last two executions attended by the Minister of Justice of Japan.
Instead of a signature in Japan put special names print, Hanko. This seal is present in every Japanese, and it is used many times a day. And you can buy in any store.

In Japan it is considered rude to open a gift in the presence of the giver. It is grateful, then set aside to open alone.
The Japanese believe that people should be able to hide behind a smile suffering. There is even a saying "Cao de varatte kokoro de Nuku" (smiles while suffering inside).
In Japan, the right of ownership is strictly enforced, so here there are dozens of companies with more than thousand-year history. For example, Hotel Hoshi Rёkan continuously operating since 718 years. It operates the same family for over 46 generations.
Two-thirds of Japan is covered with forests. Japan banned commercial logging of their own forests, but it consumes 40% of the wood that is produced in tropical forests.

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