Children reading the cats

Yes, it sounds weird. In fact, it is part of the program, which is beneficial for both children and animals. Relief Fund animals of Pennsylvania has established the following program, in which participating children and cats.

The name of the "Book buddies," and one of its objectives -nauchit children read well in a relaxed atmosphere where nobody sees.

Children reading the book in the presence of cats from a shelter.

Many cats from a shelter were homeless or suffered abuse the previous owners.

Cats get accustomed to the voices of children and become more friendly towards people.

With chitateley- such as Sam from the first class and Ben from the second - the cat re-learn to trust people and many of them find their home and loving owners.

This is a unique program that helps children and animals.

Although both can concentrate on reading when this lovely creation is located directly on the book?

Cats also enjoy the company of children.

A great way to instill a love of books and animals in the younger generation.

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