The real way to make life easier

Surely every one of you wants to learn the secrets of the simple life. In this post I will tell you about a few ways to at least a little, but will simplify your life Going to the zoo, try to put on a shirt (or jacket) of the same color worn by zookeepers. Then, quite possibly, the animals will come to you closer and you can see them better.

New shoes appeared cramped? Put them on three pairs of socks and a substitute for 10 minutes under a stream of hot air gun.

To not hurt when running in the side, exhale each time the left foot touches the ground.

To download videos from YouTube, insert «ss» in the URL between the www. and youtube and press «enter».

To the song on YouTube spun in a circle, insert the word «repeat» in the URL between the www. and youtube and press «enter».

Drink apple juice at night - it contains material from which dreams become brighter.

If you set the mode of the mobile device "in the plane", the intrusive advertising will not be distracted during the game.

To the music sounded louder on the phone, put it in a bowl.

If you burn your tongue, the sugar will help ease the pain.

To get rid of a bruise, attach the cotton swab moistened with vinegar.

When sleepiness hold your breath as much as you can, then exhale slowly. This method will increase the heart rate.

A cold shower can help get rid of dandruff.

Dents on the ball ping-pong table easy to fix, holding it a little over a burning cigarette lighter (but not too close). The gas inside the ball will expand by heat, and it will be as good as new.

To avoid watching commercials on YouTube, replace «youtube» in the URL of any video on the «youtubeskip».

If you need to be sure to remember something in the morning, before bedtime send a message to yourself, but do not open it.

If the phone is dead and you need to charge it as soon as possible, connect it to your network, after moving into the "Flight».

Mosquito bites? Heat a spoon and apply to the site of the bite. The reaction stops and the itching subsides.

If you feel that just about sneezes, press the tongue against the palate and let it be.

If you see that you are rushing the car, and you realize that you have already run will not have time and a collision is imminent - jump up! So you will have a much better chance to escape.

Throbbing headache can be alleviated by rubbing his forehead half lime.

If your intention is to bake cookies and discovered that you do not have eggs, keep in mind that they can successfully replace bananas (banana on the floor of the egg).



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