11 BEST ways to release NEGATIVE emotions through the body

Living emotions just through body — brain analysis nothing. Because they live in the body, and through the body come out. If you think and analyze, then head all understand, but still annoying.

For example, you have a difficult relationship with my mother. And if you'll just let off steam and scream in a pillow, without changing anything in their relationship to the mother, then it's pointless. It's the same thing for toothache pain reliever and to drink not to go to the doctor. Teeth should be treated, right? And attitudes necessary to improve health. This is the primary. We'll talk more just about anger, because, with it unclear what to do and where to put it. And anyway, in any complex interweaving of emotions, anger very much. Out of many difficult conditions like sense of guilt and resentment is through anger. And refusing to live it, we can't go any further.

But I ask you to share the anger as a momentary emotion that naturally appears when something happens not the way you wanted (such is the nature of anger), and anger as a quality of character, that is anger. Experience sometimes anger is OK if you don't push, and safely reside. To be in claims to the world, when you want to be everywhere and control everything, and when this happens all the time to be angry – this is not normal. As abnormal and not to be able to control it.Control anger – it does not mean it does not feel or suppress. Control to let off steam safe for all ways, leaving nothing of itself and nothing of other tumbling. Imagine that anger is a natural waste of the body as digested food. What will happen if we consider this a "dirty" and cease to go to the toilet? To prevent myself from doing this? What is the result? Maybe our task is to create a "toilet" and emotions – the place where we quietly and safely do something, without causing harm to anyone? And I beg you to avoid premature spirituality in emotions. This is when the inside boils and sore, and we are on top of it all we press the word "no" and delve into the causes. Most often we relate to other people's feelings, well, I'll tell you now why you the karma has arrived! Reasons are sought after as the emotion is released. It is much easier to be sober and then to see all this. First – live. Or let the person live, help him in this.And now. I want to share ways of living emotions into constructive and destructive. Those that are harmless and those that cause someone pain.

Destructive ways: to Pour out on other people, especially those who "passed by". At work the boss got, but his face couldn't Express, so I come home and hits the cat, which is the arm that is under the leg, or a child who was brought back to the Troika. Familiar? And like progress and feel better, but next comes the guilt – because the cat or the child is innocent.

Rudeness. In the same situation, when the head was brought to rage, but the anger remained inside the bomb to the house not to take, knowing what she was going to explode. And pour their anger on the shop, which is slow and makes a mistake, those who you came on foot or crossed the road, and at the same time on those really annoying happy face. And is also of little use. Even if guilt is not, the negative emotions of another person, in which all is poured, be sure to come back to us one day. Again. And so they go back and forth until we each other rude.

Trolling the Internet This method seems more safe and secure. Anonymous page without the avatar even if the avatar – you will not find and will not break for sure. Brought head – you can go to someone's page and write stuff – like, that she is ugly! Or write nonsense! Or provoke an argument on a complex topic, pouring mud opponents by poking them with needles in different places to cause pain. But the law of karma works here, even if the state laws are not everywhere yet.

To eat sweets is Another way that we often see in the movies. When the heroine throws favorite or cheating on her, what's she doing? Before my eyes this picture: the crying girl in the bed watching a movie and eating a huge jar of ice cream. The harm of such an event, I think many clear.

To argue Another way might look like this: you can be rude and you are rude in response. The husband came on you yelled and you yelled at, too. Like you honest. Man is the cause of your negative feelings, we need to urgently Express. But you're only fanning the flames, increasing the conflict and anything good from this does not happen. The fight always takes all our strength and all hidden reserves, and we were left with after her exhausted and unhappy. Even if the dispute is won.

To beat someone Again – kids, dogs, husband, head (well, you never know). Any person who is the cause of your wrath, or simply got under a hand. Corporal punishment for children during the emotional breakdown of parents, very hurt. They provoke in the child, and the feeling of humiliation and hatred which he could not Express. If you strike my husband, and then we surrender to what is, unfortunately, not uncommon. And I've met the statistic that approximately half of the women victims of domestic violence, started a fight first, not expecting that the man could fight back. This does not justify men, but does not honor women.

To suppress There is a belief that anger is bad. The more religious a woman is, the stronger it suppresses the anger. Pretending that anything it does not show, all tight smiles and so on. Then the wrath of two choices – to explode in a safe place (again, at home, at relatives) and she can not control. A second option is to kick her health and body. It seems to me not accidental that today so many people die from cancer, a disease unlived emotions, as previously mentioned by many psychologists.

Breaking dishes and breaking things on the one hand a constructive way. It's better to break a plate than to punch a baby. And certainly sometimes it is possible to use it. But if we destroy on your way some things, you need to understand that then that's all you need to restore. My husband one day in a rage he destroyed my laptop. The sight of it was terrible, and then had to buy a new computer. It is expensive, and therefore less constructive than we would like.

Slam the door I think this method is nice for many teenagers. And such remember, children see such places already. In principle, it is not the worst method. Only here once so I banged the door that it broke the glass. And so nothing special.

To beat the words To the person hit, not always the right hands. We women well know how to do it. Poke pain points, sarcastic, teasing – and then pretend that we are not to blame and nothing to do with. The more different inside us dirt especially sharp and sarcastic language we have. By myself I can remember, before, when I didn't know where their feelings to do, I keep all pinned up. I was called a "plague", I couldn't help it. I thought it funny.The more I learn to live feelings, the softer it becomes my speech. And the less in it of the kind of "stud". Because nothing good and no it does not. For a couple of minutes to feed his ego, but at the same time to destroy the relationship and earn karmic reaction.


Often in a fit of anger, it seems that if we take revenge and wipe out the shame with the blood of the enemy, we will become easier. I know that some women during a quarrel with her husband to spite him engaged with someone in sex, for example. Blissful this option, which many consider acceptable, especially if the husband cheated. But in the end? Revenge only adds to the conflict and increases the distance between us. Revenge is different – subtle and gross. But any of them is no good. Anyone.

Sex is Not the best method of discharge, although it physical. Because sex is still an opportunity to show love to each other, not use each other as exercise machines. Our mood during intimacy is affecting our relationship in General. A casual relationship with just anyone, to discharge, not only useful but also harmful.


Women are often upset go to the store. And buy there lot of junk. Sometimes they even deliberately spend more money than necessary, so as to revenge, like her husband. But it turns out that at this time we are the resources that are given to us for a good cause – that is money down anyhow and try to use them to harm another. What is the result? The resources run out. And what they were spent and not useful. Dress that you bought in anger, absorb your condition, and you will be hard to wear it. The list is quite impressive, not quite happy, but the less often exactly what we do. Because the culture of handling feelings we have. We were not taught, never talk about it anywhere is just asking to get your feelings out of sight. And that's all.

Constructive ways of living emotions: And here are the ways I recommend you try. And download the ones you like and help. Maybe you could alternate maybe to find some. In any case, it's great!

Allow the feelings to be. Sometimes – and by the way, very often, for living the feelings enough to see him, call his name and accept. That is, in a moment of anger say to yourself: "Yes, I am very angry. And that's okay." It is very difficult for all those who explained that this is not normal (because it is inconvenient for others). It is difficult to admit that you're angry right now, even though you have it written on my face. It is difficult to say that it also happens. It is difficult sometimes to understand what is this feeling? I remember in the arrangements of a girl whose tumours were shaking, hands were tensed into fists, and she called their feelings as "sadness". Learn to understand what it feels like — a question of practice and time. For example, you can observe yourself. At critical moments to look in the mirror to realize that you have to face, to follow the signs of the body, monitor tension in the body and signals it.

Stomping their feet. Traditional Indian dancing woman very much stomping, it is not so noticeable, because she dances barefoot. But in this way through the energetic movement of the body in the ground leaving all the tension. We often laugh at Indian films where from any events – good or bad – they dance, but there is a particular truth. To live any feelings through the body. Let the anger pass through you as you vigorously toss him through the energetic steps. By the way, in Russian folk dances these movements too much. Not necessarily right now to go to a dance class (although why not?) Try closing your eyes and feeling the emotion in the body, with the help of totushek to "give" her to the ground. Of course, it is best to stomp standing on the ground, not on the tenth floor of a multistorey building. Even better, if you can do this barefoot on grass or sand. You physically feel how much easier it becomes.And don't think about how it looks. Ideally, of course, if no one sees it. But if no such thing – close your eyes and stomp.

Scream. Some trainings practiced this form of purification as shouting. When we cry out to the floor, with a partner who helps us, so you can scream into a pillow and any other options. Cries out usually a important word. For example, "Yes" or "No" — if it fits your emotions. You can just scream "Ahhh!". Take a deep breath and then open my mouth and empty my heart so. So a few times until the inside is not felt emptiness. Sometimes before doing that kind of "pump," at first, breathing very quickly, solely by the nose. This technique has weaknesses. For example, neighbors and Pets. The scream turns out to be very loud. But if you will not be able to relax and not to worry, he will not heal. The scream should come from a relaxed throat, otherwise you can seriously disrupt the vote. It is better to try somewhere experienced people, and then the effect will be more.

To talk. The feminine way. For any feelings we really need to talk about it, tell someone. About how head hurt, and someone on the bus called. Not so much in order to get support (which is also nice), but to pour it out. Some of these people go to psychologists, to all that's eating their heart out of it. One friend who for a very long time working as a psychologist once shared that most of her clients helps one simple way. She listens, asks questions so that they can more vividly describe the situation. Makes no recipes, tips. Just listen. And often in the end have a decision. Self. It's like a fog of anger forming in his eyes, she did, and he saw the path. The same thing women do with each other, vygovarival. There's only two points. You can't tell anyone about his family life – problems in it. Otherwise, these problems could worsen. And if I tell you anything, you shouldn't give advice. Just listen. By the way, to organize such a group in which women share all the emotions – and then symbolically say goodbye to them (which is often done in women's groups).Beware to dump all your emotions on husband. He just will not stand. If you speak out friends, first get their consent. And don't forget to share and too good (and sometimes a friend can feel like a "toilet" that serves only to drain negative emotions). Great if you can cry with your mom or dad if you have a mentor who listens to you, or a husband who is willing to do it.

Sport. Sport is now very popular, and it's great, because the gym we're working with, so, again same face and emotions. During any load on the body. Running, aerobics, stretching.Notice how hard you happens during loads. And how good and calm after. So you should choose your load – and not to miss. Even as prevention.

Massage. All our blocks and clamps in the body is unlived emotions. Of course, I'm not easy strokes, but about deep work with the body, with the power impact. Quality massage, kneading these points, helps us to cope with the emotions. In this place the main thing – as in childbirth – pain to open. Push you somewhere you feel pain, breathe and relax towards pain. Can the tears from the eye to be irrigated – this is normal.A good massage therapist your weaknesses are immediately visible – and he knows exactly where and how to push to remove the clip. But it's often so painful that we stop and not go further. Then the massage becomes a pleasant experience of relaxation, but not conducive to the lifting of emotions.

Breathing exercises all the emotions are lived through the body. He said already, huh? So here is one of the most important elements in this breath. Sometimes it can be just an emotion predicate (but it hard). So try to do different breathing exercises – pranayama, bodyflex and therapeutic options. In addition to release emotions and relax the body, you will also get a healing effect, that's fine too, right? Beat a pillow When you are up to date, sometimes I want someone to hit. Husband, for example, or a child to slap. Try in this moment to switch on a pillow and pounding from the heart. The main thing on a pillow to sleep – let it be your sports equipment, which is separately. It is possible to cry. And you can get yourself a punching bag and gloves. Also an option, however, it requires free space at home.

Beat the sofa with a rolled-up towel. This method is great if you want to let off steam. The task is simple. 15 minutes of solitude with a sofa or armchair. Is to still be in this one.

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