100 facts about life and business that I knew the age of 30

Venture investor Alexander Zhurba 100 articulated facts that learned to thirty years of life, business and investitsiyah.

Website read this list and was blown away: or rather not say
1. The life and business are made up of a large number of boring, tedious and banal things. Having done that, suddenly get the same, what is not ashamed to be interviewed.

< 2. People are different, but want basically the same. Maslow old man was right.

< 3. to create real value is much heavier than their visibility. For the second you need only a good PR and lots of imagination. With the first all is usually more difficult - there are numbers

4 People are lazy... They do not want to think, test and prepare for it. Unfinished, losing because of this a lot of things to do and how to - familiar than done as it should from the outset

5 99% of the people no matter what can not... Of the remaining 99% percent of people involved is not that interesting to you. With the remaining can make a big deal

6 The best way to take control of their lives at the coincidence of many random factors -.. To ask themselves constantly the question "Why do I need this?". First, a very painful and frightening, and then comes the order and clarity

7 Happiness -.. It's not fun. Happiness -.. It is no misfortune

8 all do not care. No one cares what you look like, what you do and your life in general worldwide. The best way to see this - go out in socks and sandals. The world will continue to live as he lived, and about you instantly forget.

< 9. When you accept the fact of death and humbles him, all other problems seem totally irrelevant. Knowing and understanding the darkest part of society is much easier to appreciate what you have. Jobs The old man was right.

< 10. You can live by controlling emotions and trying to make decisions wisely. There is nothing inhuman

11 All experts -.. It is highly connoisseurs "Ohm's Law for subcircuit half past eight in the evening in the house of Ivanovs". The house Petrov in the morning - everything is different. The entire chain of all no one sees.

< 12. business risks are overestimated. The greatest risk - in 60 years to realize that the rest of your life have to live on a pension. Which no.

< 13. Everything changes. Everything is always changing. The greatest folly - is to try to stop the change, rather than adapt to them. The greatest value in any person - the ability to change

14 The best way of learning -.. To be a professional assistant. Slightly worse - try very knowledgeable without supervision. The theory is useful only as a hypothesis that needs to be tested in practice.

< 15. Speak few principles removes the need to know a lot of facts.

< 16. there is no truth. It all depends on whether you buy or sell.

< 17. The power is not given, it is taken.

< 18. The experience is more important than links . Communication is more important than money.

< 19. all the challenges and opportunities of people only in their minds.

< 20. People change only when this requires external conditions. The more you need to change, the more powerful and should be insurmountable conditions. The best way to change - put yourself in conditions where it is impossible not to make

. .

21 The best way to spend your life - set yourself a big, almost unattainable goal and go for it all my life. And all the rest will come by itself.

< 22. Sex, obscene language, shorts or a lack of a diploma does not interfere with doing a great job.

< 23. In life there the hard way and the wrong way.

24. Long-term success does not happen fast. Either way, or so, but not together. Business - it's a marathon

25 The instincts can not be ignored, because they need to draw strength

26 It is better to do and regret.... what not to do and regret.

27. need as much money to not have to think about them.

28. Phone, clothing and car nothing about human security - it can really only say statement of account and balance sheet. Zero counts better debt.

< 29. to predict how people will behave in an extreme situation, it is impossible. Distance from the visible to the everyday life of well-being extreme is very small. The only thing that worries people in extreme situations -.. Personal survival and well-being

30 A negative image of better obscurity

31 The difference.. between senseless obstinacy and tenacity prophetic only available results in the second case. But usually people just give up, did not even started.

< 32. For any fantastic success of 25-year-old Zuckerberg is worth five or six 50-year-old men in suits and sunglasses.
< br> 33. The words almost do not matter. .. It is only important things

34 The best way to save money when purchasing goods - do not buy a product at all. The real need of the people in the things and services greatly overstated.

< 35. The experience is not measured in years but in the events.

< 36. the best way to earn a lot of good contacts - to be useful

37 If you need a vacation from work, it's not a job that you really want to

... 38. If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're not in the room, where they should be.

39. in the long term, to be honest profitable. Protect the honor of his youth should be.

< 40. With the increasing complexity of the tasks of rest should be increased. The number of tasks during the day should be to strive for unity.


41 frigidity in women does not happen - there are men who are trying enough. Most women suffer from complexes and dramatically nedotrahany.

< 42. Loneliness terrible only for those who did not know themselves.

< 43. People do not return debts. You can not borrow more than willing to give that person.

< 44. The people who are constantly evolving and growing, there is no mid-life crisis. They only have a constant daily life crisis

45 we must remember that it can, if desired hit a puppy with a stick: a) remember it;.. b) grow into a big strong dog with sharp teeth and a good response.

46. If the freedom to change and prospects for the sausage, one day there will be no freedom, no prospects, no sausage. < br>
47. It makes no sense to forgive anyone. It is much easier not to be offended at all. Nobody is obliged to conform to someone else's expectations

48 Success -.. Is not an alternative to failure. Success is something that comes after a series of setbacks.

< 49. Miracles happen, but only with other people. His miracles, and must be carefully prepared in advance.

< 50. My rights end where the rights of another person begins. It is better to have one equal partner than many slaves or masters.

< 51. At any time you can look back on 10 years ago and said, "then there was a lot of opportunities, not what is now" . In any country, there are millionaires and billionaires. Perhaps there is always and everywhere.

< 52. If God exists, then all of our efforts to understand and describe it equal to attempts to understand the fish who, why and how to change the water in the aquarium. All religions -.. Psychotherapeutic practices that exist to enrich the leaders and the daily tranquility adepts

53 Control anything was in most cases an illusion. Before you learn to manage others, you must learn to manage a

54 There is no point to the expectations of other people in order to get their help in a difficult situation in life:.. Most people (including normally, and relatives) have neither the resources nor the experience, nor the desire to help you. The best way to see this - to try to raise money for the alleged operation of a terminal illness. Hope can only assume

55 Entrepreneurs are not born, they become

56 The best gift parents to their children -.... Alone to provide for their old age, and do not interfere with the children to ensure their.

57. money more than people who are able to manage them effectively.

58. If a person is over 3 times a week did not return calls during business hours for any reason, or does not respond to e-mail in less than 24 hours on common issues, affairs can not be with him.

59. < / If the project is at an early stage attracts consultant to attract investment, the project does not attract investment.

60. to get something big, you should be able to share.


61 The people believe that a good formal education - the key to success. Although in reality, the key is to understand the facts like this.

< 62. The usefulness of the service or product depends on the amount of money spent only up to a certain amount.

< 63. You can not teach, you can only learn. You can not motivate, you can only be motivated.

< 64. Princes usually marry princesses. You can not sell a man a lot better yourself - you can only make you want to buy

65 Any habit is developed for 90 days... Any business can normally master for 10,000 hours.

< 66. The world is fair. Every investigation has a reason. Everyone gets exactly for what has created the conditions

67 The difference between people who are in the business seriously and make-believe:.. When it is pi * dec, the latter are human rights activists, journalists or politicians . A first continue to do something that aspired.

< 68. To attain enlightenment and inner peace as a monk in the Himalayas, it is easy. Do the same thing, building a business in the city - the one more task

69 Make difficult and expensive -.. Easy. Make a simple and reasonable - much harder

70 Pensions will not... The guarantee does not exist.

< 71. To change takes time. For large changes take a long time.

< 72. The volume of knowledge that is needed to achieve a certain goal, quite specific and limited. The knowledge of cooking is highly unlikely to help if you want to fly to Mars, and experience in wine tasting - to create a cure for cancer. Most of what people consider necessary set of knowledge of modern man - or a show-off, or trying to have fun, that is, to make real things difficult and unpleasant

73 The best way to do so.... that the woman drew attention to you -.. to pay attention to her

74 volume of all that everything is bad, cry, those who do well can not. They do not realize how difficult it is to do the most "good».

< 75. The level of development of a society is determined by the level at which it is possible to pay a bribe in the country. In the backward countries, it can be done anywhere. In the advanced - only at the level of the supreme power. It's called lobbying

76 If investors do not give money or customers do not buy the reasons for this may be only three:..

You suck prodaёsh; You sell crap; You sell the wrong people. < 77. Ideal Systems and things do not happen. Well, where we do not. Any thing, event, company, people look great until you start to dive into the details.

< 78. The ability to break the rules comes just behind the willingness to accept all the consequences of violations.

79. sign prepared situation is that the desired result is achieved without effort. They are applied only in the preparation, and the result is "by itself».

< 80. Do not look for where there is the fact that you want to find.

81. People want to believe that someone knows how to live, achieve goals and do not be mistaken. Such people are not active. There are only those who pretend that they are, and know how to work creatively with the facts. No one makes more mistakes and no doubt more than people beyond their knowledge in order to achieve their goals.

< 82. For any great achievement is self-denial.

83. The world is ruled by introverts, extroverts who know how to pretend.

84. 99% of what we use, created by other people.
< . br> 85 requirements to make the country's democracy, capitalism, and in general whatever system - it usually desire a quiet and full life, not that of the system. For every action people have two reasons. Beautiful and true

86 Optimally not accumulate on a rainy day, and in the black a year or a decade

.. 87. plant any kind of relationship makes sense if they can be better than without them.

88. Authorities exist for those who are unable to think for myself.
< br> 89. Do not need to go with the flow, do not need to swim against the current. We must go back to where you want to go

90 It makes sense to take care of the interests of the three groups of people:.. About myself personally, about the immediate environment and of humanity as a whole. All intermediate groups are simply meaningless. This is called a wise selfishness.

< 91. It is necessary to engage in sports, eat right and do keep your carcass in good shape. The other will not. It is best to find the time for it than for treatment.

< 92. Correctly tuned infrastructure saves a lot of money and time. All that can be transmitted to outsourcing, automated, or canceled altogether, to be transmitted to outsourcing, automated or canceled

93 The best way to believe in yourself -.. Succeed through hard work after fall. This can not be forgotten. And it works almost always

94 says that the purpose of business -.. Money, as saying that the purpose of human life - breathing. It is not a goal, it is a characteristic necessary for the survival of

95 Modern people are too soft on major issues and too hard -.. Unimportant in

96. . Humanity does not change. Classic books on philosophy, psychology and sociology are still relevant.

< 97. By the choice of the wife should be treated responsibly. It is better to overdo it than nedostaratsya. Greed - the best remedy for women unsuitable

98 is a unique situation almost never happens... Millions of people every day get the same experience that millions of people to them. If it seems that the situation is unique, so just bad looking analogues

99 Being poor -... Impractical, unsafe and embarrassing

100 If you eat fewer calories than you spend quite a long time, you will inevitably grow thin. And do not talk about metabolism, hormones and heavy bone - in concentration camps was not thick

. On this, perhaps, to finish. Sapienti sat.

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