Tibetan secrets of longevity - the mentality and nutrition

All people want to live long. Not everyone knows how to stay healthy. Textbooks on the subject there. Therefore, learn better from those who have already accumulated in this complex of Sciences some experience. For example, the Tibetans. What's the matter? Why is Tibet, where difficult natural conditions, and poverty more acutely than we do live much longer? Genes? - Usual you might say. Hardly. From numerous interviews with Tibetans, it follows that their longevity is ensured mentality, a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

1. Let's start with the mentality.
We constantly darkens your mind with all sorts of problems, not realizing how bad thoughts take away our health, and with it life itself. In Tibet, has the simplest idea that there is no war, and, thank God, we can live, enlightens consciousness.

Tibetans account for 84 thousand distresses of consciousness. It makes no sense to transfer at least a small part of them. It is important to understand how to resist the temptation of bad thoughts, carrying away the energy of life.

This method exists for a long time: that is meditation. Just do not think that meditation - something complicated, some cunning prayers or texts, they need to learn by heart. Far from it. Meditation is every pleasant thought, every moment of focus on the good. Have a look at a beautiful flower, hear your favorite tune, remember pleasant quatrain, a prayer, glad comfort and cleanliness of the apartment, distracted by a football match, took a trip, just replaced the usual situation, sat by the fire, with a fishing rod on the river, and bought a nice new clothes - all this meditation, healing for body and soul.

Old age comes not with the onset of retirement or some other age, and with the accumulation in the heart and mind of negative emotions and the inability to get rid of them.

The first noticeable symptoms of old age - a sleep disorder, early gray hair, wrinkles, puffiness of the face, dark circles under the eyes, shortness of breath, palpitations, grumbling, dissatisfaction with the world, resentment

. By the way, the unspoken resentment, stuck on a figurative expression, a lump in the throat, causing thyroid disease. Excessive concern for the financial situation responds back pains. Excessive brooding inhibits the spleen and leads to indigestion. Anger and irritability are undermining the liver. Sadness, sorrow fraught with lung disease, hair loss, brittle nails. Fears of all kinds hit in the kidneys, causing occasional jumps pressure, tooth decay, loosening of teeth, aches in the back, weakness in the legs.

Even positive stress - too much fun or gratuitous fun (often provoked by drinking) - has a heart

. In summary, let us return to the banal truth: everything is good in moderation. This feeling is the focus of training measures thought to be good and pleasant - meditation. It is available almost always and everywhere: in the subway, in a pause in the working day, before going to bed ... Meditation - it is solitude for yourself

. 2. The element of "wind" and old age.

According to Tibetan medicine, there are three types of human constitution - "mucus", "bile", "wind". Since aging is associated element "wind". The element of "wind" is associated with a disorder of the nervous system. That's why insomnia is characteristic of old age - illness, which we must fight: it followed an ache in the bones, joints, muscles, dystonia. There is a kind of swelling disease element "wind": headaches, hypertension

. How to deal with insomnia?

- Try to do before going to bed massage neck area, grabbing the head, behind the ear and stroking alternately sternocleidomastoid neck muscles. This massage should be done by soaking the fingers in a heated until warm to the plant, it is best to sesame oil. It is poured into a jar, a lid cover to cool slowly. Massage relaxes the neck muscles, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, relieves stress. It lasts from 2-3 minutes to 15, no more.

- Even before bedtime is good 5-10 minutes to hold two canvas bag with warm salt in the groin - it pulls blood from the heart. Such heating can be done in a day for a week.

- After a bad night's sleep or emotional stress, as well as to improve the work of the heart and heart attacks removing sprinkle armpits with water and let the body wet areas to dry for 1-2 minutes. If in a hurry, get wet napkins, not only wiping with a towel.

- Very useful cupping massage interscapular region. Banks better to take a new, plastic, for massage only two pieces.

- You can wrap the interscapular region with a towel dipped in vegetable oil, heated to 40 degrees, cover with polythene and a dry towel to cool and keep

. - Improves sleep ash aspen, which is on the tip of a knife put in a cup of hot water, add a little honey and drink. This procedure can be executed on every night.

- If aspen bark boil 1 minute and portions of drinking a glass of decoction prepared for the day, relieve stress and improve sleep

. 3. Proper nutrition

"Wind" Constitution, dominating in an aging body tells him cold energy Yin. But then, people are dying mainly from Yin diseases: hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer

. To maximize postpone this inevitable retribution for the errors of existence, we must try to improve the hot Yang energy in dense organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen-pancreas (in Tibetan medicine are two of the body are treated as one). With years of solid organs function decline, and because they must continue to produce energy in the body.

The process for authorities to announce a dense energy Yang:

In a glass of water 15 minutes cooking 25 grams of sesame seeds and 50 grams of rice. There once a day for 2 weeks. It strengthens the liver and kidneys.

150 g of beans soaked in water for an hour, then add 2 grams of salt and boil in 300 ml of water over low heat until tender. There is a dish 50 grams twice a day (instead of including breakfast) for 2 weeks.

To support all five solid organs put in the tea 1-2 h. Spoon of crushed pine nuts.


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