Top Guinness Book of Records

1. The longest chain of wrappers from chewing gum

Starting from March 11th, 1965 Gary Daschle (Gary Duschl) from Virginia, United States, creating a chain of gum wrappers. As of March 11, 2009 its length was 17760 meters, and weight - 365, 6 kg. This will require wrappers 1370166, amounting to 2740332 units.
2. fastest man

At the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, in Berlin, the Jamaican sprinter and three-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt (Usain Bolt) set a record, running 100 meters in 9, 58. There, he ran 200 meters in 19, 19, which is also a world record. 23-year-old athlete is known by the nickname Lightning Bolt (Lightning Bolt).
3. The smallest man in the world

In the Book of Guinness the smallest adult was listed Hye Pinpin (He Pingping), who was born in China in 1988. Measured March 22, 2008 Pinpina growth was 74, 61 cm. Next to it is Russian Svetlana Pankratova with the longest legs in the world (132 cm).
4. The first published human genome

First published human genome American scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Craig Venter (Craig Venter) in September 2007. The genetic code belonged to Venter. Full record contains 6 billion nucleotide bases of DNA codes, and the cost of the project was $ 35 million.
5. The first African-American US president

January 20, 2009 inauguration of 44 US President - Barack Hussein Obama (Barack Hussein Obama). Before the elections in September 2008. The candidate's election fund totaled $ 605 million, also a record. A significant portion - about $ 250 - went on television advertising for five months. More than 136 million people went to the polls on voting day, surpassing the previous records since 1960.
6. Longest breath holding

Sites- Tom (Tom Sietas) from Germany was able to hold his breath under water for 17 minutes and 33 seconds in Madrid, Spain, December 30, 2008.
7. The heaviest squid

The heaviest adult shellfish this species - Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni - weighs about 450 kg, its length - 10 m. Its fishermen caught in the Antarctic Ross Sea and sent to New Zealand to study. The find was presented February 22, 2007.
8. Sitko-survivor

By the number of episodes of the longest sitcom (sitcom) is The Simpsons Meta Groening (Matt Groening). Cartoon originally shown as a short series on the show Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987, but became popular enough to guarantee himself a half-hour of air time. The debut took place on 17 December 1989, and today includes 449 season 21 episodes. 450 minutes will be released in January.
9. The highest structure

She recognized the floating drilling platform with mooring Ursa (¬ęBig Dipper"), owned by Shell and working on oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. The highest point of the rig is located at an altitude of 1306 meters above the ocean floor. The platform is connected to the sea bed pipeline and four massive steel cables. The total weight of construction - about 16 thousand. Tonnes.
10. Record for most records

Since 1970, Ashrita Furman (Ashrita Furman) has established more than 200 records, including the highest number of jumps at a special stilts per minute (238), sit-ups and uplift per hour (9628) and quickly overcome somersaults miles (19 minutes 11 seconds). 54-year-old manager from the health food store in New York set records on every continent.
Interestingly some of the records of applicants, do not fall in the top ten.

For example, the largest hamburger considered here is the construction of meat and other ingredients weighing 84 to 14 kg. You can try for $ 499 Sports Grill & Bar in Michigan, USA.

Jackie Bibby (Jackie Bibby) set a world record for the largest number of mouth rattlesnakes held in 2009.

American Bryan Berg (Bryan Berg) built the largest structure of the cards in Dallas. Height - 7, 86 m.

The Englishman John Lynch (John Lynch) Body piercing a piercing 241, including 151 on the head and neck.

The longest fingernails - at the American Melvin Booth (Melvyn Boothe). In May, the total length is 9, 85 m.


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