Another 20 Records Guinness World Records 2012

Records are constantly puts humanity and the current 2012 is particularly rich in them. We have already published two issues about the achievements of the Guinness Book of Records for the year. But they were found to be more than enough, so we decided to continue the theme of another portion of the record.

1. The longest surfing was carried out at the Panama Gatun Lake March 19, 2011. Gary Saavedra caught waves for 3 hours and 55 minutes.

2. Tennis player Andrea Petkovic and her colleague Mardy Fish were complicit in the record for the most massive racket hitting the ball. Also couples took part in the record for even 656 people.

3. On 28 July last year, Lingling Jin broke its own record for the number of hoops in the hands of one person. In total there were 105.

4. The world's largest raft consisted of 1925 canoes and kayaks in Inlet, NY.


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