Respectable market Östermalms Saluhall

This place on the map of Stockholm managed to combine the incompatible concepts such as respectability and grocery market. Sounds strange? Nevertheless, it is so!

It all started a little over a hundred years ago, when a group of enterprising Swedes decided to implement the project covered market, able to meet the most stringent requirements for the organization of trade: the huge glass windows, constant temperature storage of food and many other innovations.

"At the beginning of the XX century the market has its own steam power and the unique ventilation system that keep the product in a cool summer and did not lower the temperature below zero in winter»

Apart from the actual market building, designed by architect Isaac Klason and Kasper Salin, includes many small restaurants serving cuisine. Most notably, Östermalms Saluhall managed to keep all of this atmosphere to this day.

Rows market Saluhall deserve special mention. Trading places here can be passed from generation to generation. And often one family owns his pavilion decades.

Furthermore, I would call these showcases some of the most beautiful (if not the most picturesque) of those that I have ever seen. Each owner is trying to decorate the hall with something memorable, and at the same time to demonstrate its commitment to national traditions.

It seems that everything is here - from vegetables and fruits to something completely unimaginable as the title, and price.

Market prices can hardly be called democratic - it concerns both products and menus numerous small restaurants. Nevertheless, the market is living an active life.

Particularly noticeable revival at lunchtime when all the tables are filled with restaurants and regular visitors simply passers.

In recent years, traditional Swedish small restaurants had to make room under the onslaught of Oriental cuisine.

Still, it remains one of the most remarkable places in Stockholm, has its own, does not travel, but rather a national flavor.

So if you are looking for a place away from the main tourist trail, but with its own history, Östermalms Saluhall can become a pleasant discovery.



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