15 unusual school, which only steeper Hogwarts

These schools not only look like a cool building with a futuristic design, but also a new approach to learning. For example, in Sweden there is a school where the children are not divided by sex, and in San Francisco, United States, children are taught to "dangerous" things that they prohibit parents.

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floating school in Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria 20,084,537

Floating School - a unique building, located in the coastal region. It is designed for children of all ages and was originally built to keep the water level in the lagoon. It has a space to play and classrooms, can simultaneously engage up to 100 students.

School Cube in Copenhagen, Denmark

This school - one giant classroom, where learning about 1100 high school students. Learning takes place in a large glass cube, which is called the gymnasium. Open space conditionally divided "drums" with comfortable seating area, should contribute to the creativity and flexibility of thinking.

School with an individual approach to learning, Australia

In addition to the tough and bright design in the school and training very different from the traditional. All students are an individual program, which is corrected by teachers and parents. There is always listen to the wishes of the children and make the learning process as comfortable as possible. Classes are held in small groups.

School where they teach to what you want to do in real life, Rhode Island, USA

On the first day of training children are taught that they really like. To help students find their professional passion, each of them working with a mentor. Children are taught only what they really come in handy in life. Under this program, the country has been operating for 55 educational institutions.

School, which looks like an office, Ohio, USA

Instead of the usual rooms - one large office with 300 "cells" for students. On the table, each student is a computer with an individual training program. Students are engaged in their own, and if they have problems, they can always call the teacher to discuss them. It caters to children from 3 to 12 class.

School, which taught "dangerous" things, San Francisco, CA

At this point, most of the teachers of the things that children do prohibit parents made training program. Children are allowed to get dirty, playing with fire, disassemble and assemble household appliances, as well as to paint a picture - and all in one day. Thus children are co-authors of their school plans.

School where children are not divided by sex, Stockholm, Sweden

The basis of education at this school - the absolute equality between pupils. It does not use the words "he" or "she": the children treated either by name, or "they" - as a group. This system aims to combat stereotypes and to raise psychologically healthy children who do not grow notorious because they felt the other school.

The brightest Elementary School, Stockholm, Sweden

Instead of the usual library - "corridors of learning", where the presentation is made in the framework of the curriculum, there is a place to learn alone and to practice in small groups, and in all the corridors have Wi-Fi. This is a unique area - the heart of the school, where children can freely communicate from one class with pupils from another, as well as with teachers. "Corridors" are equipped according to modern technology that brings learning to a new level.

School in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA

The school tried to completely move away from the traditional approach to learning, developing in children the flexibility of mind and making emphasis on the implementation of the program of the latest technologies. They learn 3D-modeling, to build houses for the game, the students have their own "play list" daily quest iPads and many other interesting things. This educational institution for children from 4 to 14 years.

School of Steve Jobs, Amsterdam, Netherlands

School of Steve Jobs - an outspoken opponent of equal treatment of all students. According to them, each student should have its own individual program, developed on the basis of his talents, desires and abilities. This program is adjusted every 6 weeks after the conversation with the child himself, his parents and teachers. It caters to children from 4 to 12 class.

School, uniting in training participation and creativity, New York, USA

Here I believe that the school should be like a playground that children never lost interest and would like to devote their studies as much as possible. Students are engaged in the problem of improving waste management, building a three-dimensional model of New York and do many other fun things that develop curiosity in children. It caters to children aged 2 to 8 years.

School, where children learn in the "mountains" and "caves", Stockholm, Sweden

In this school children are unlikely to be bored, because thanks to the efforts of a designer whole school looks like a magical world with trees, mountains, lakes and caves. No surgeries - only open space. Tasks can be performed on computers. Also, there are taught music, dance and painting.

School, where there is no discipline, Toronto, Canada

Here, students put on a par with the teachers, the latest - most observers who can only advise but not force. No homework, assessments and strict schedule. Even objects can be visited only by those who like a student, regardless of his age. Students are free to decide how to spend the school day and what to do.

Most "green" school in the world, France

Here, every square meter of trying to use a lawn. The roof of the school and all the internal courtyards planted with grass. It is believed that students should be how much time to spend outdoors. After sitting in a dusty classroom is harmful not only to health, but also the mood. In good weather, lessons are conducted directly on the lawns.

School where there is no pressure and stress, Espoo, Finland

In class, each child is sitting where he wants and can freely chat with a neighbor, and even ride on a chair or lie down on the sofa, if tired. The atmosphere there is very relaxed. In addition to modern classrooms in the school has a Youth House, a library, a sports hall and a theater. More to read about the school here.

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