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Last October, was invited to speak at a local high school - in the classroom, "Languages ​​of the World" to talk about Russia and about studying at Notre Dame. To be in an American high school and see what happens behind the impenetrable walls of the school has been a long-standing desire. Below - a picture of high school a small American town in the hinterland of the country.


School doors are closed. To enter the building you need to call the video phone. Many schools at the entrance is a metal detector.

At the entrance sits the secretary, she asks clarifying questions, checked with lists, gives the visitor fill out a form, sign badge and asked to wait.

Starts change. A few minutes later the teacher approaches and we go to class.


American School - a place where to get very difficult. All this is possible to realize thanks to a good friend in the international department at Notre Dame, without her nothing would have happened. Coordination took place in several stages. The first question from my side was the question of photography, what the answer was - you can not take pictures in the school. After a few emails agreed on the fact that you can not take pictures of children in the hallways, but you can take a picture of the class.

Each class is equipped with a projector. The presentation consisted of a large number of photos of places in Russia and Moscow. The pictures and words, I compared two completely different people, two cultures, two ways of thinking. He talked about the historical nuances, differences in urban development, and approaches to the same problems. Children twelve years old listened attentively and asked a lot of questions.

Some lessons such as «Sex education» are taught separately to boys and girls. In this school, this practice extends to many other subjects, so the only boys in class and somehow one girl.

Grading schools

First, the child goes to primary school - Elementary school - and learns there from first to fifth grade. Primary schools are small, in one area may be several.

From the sixth through eighth grade student in high school - Middle school. High school more than the initial size and in most cases one of the area. Of all primary school children go to secondary school of his district, and there continue to train together for three years - classes 6-7-8.

A person can not attend school in another district. In disadvantaged areas, low-life and low-cost rental housing, as low quality schools. To the child was in a good school, you need to move to a more expensive area.

In ninth grade students go to school for high school - High school. In most cases, the city only a few schools for high school, if the city is small, it may be all one big school.

The hundred-thousandth of the city of South Bend is located about thirty elementary school, fifteen secondary schools and five school senior classes.


On the backs of embroidered names of students.

School buses.

The child carries to school or a school bus transported the parent / nanny car. The driver of the bus precisely laid route, he knows where to get one, and how much. The bus stops at home or at the nearest intersection.

From the story about Quebec:
When a school bus stops, the front moves away mini-barrier, which does not allow students to cross the road in front of the bus. A driver's side die is removed with a "Stop" to riding behind the driver stopped and missed children.


Immediately after the presentation of the children went for lunch, many packages were out of the house.

Canteen. Behind him was a huge queue of hungry screaming children.

Music class.


Issuance of children.

Children whose parents prefer to take children on their own, after the lessons are arranged in a row near the exit of the school. At the exit of the road along the queue of cars with their parents. The transfer of children occurs under the supervision of one or more teachers to make sure that the child recognizes the men in the car.

Library. On the left is an open computer lab, where he also was a lesson. Throughout the school wireless internet.

Izrisoval glass corridors.


Difficulty levels class.

Community approach to the person in the states is very simple - everyone should feel comfortable. This can be seen at all levels, it begins in school. If the child does not assimilate the program specific subject, it is transferred to the classroom with reduced complexity. This class is called the class for laggards in the certificate next to the name of the subject will be the number 1, 2 or 3. The child can get exactly the same top five, but the five can not compare to the one that is obtained in the class with the highest level of complexity. Passed the difficulty level will be important for admission to the university.




The game of dodgeball.


School Board records.

School awards.

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Why Study.

The best students have the opportunity to study for free in the best universities of the state. My neighbor Rob, who drank two packs of Red Bul three days, was born in Berkeley, California, and at the end of schooling was a 1% of the best graduates of his district, bringing the staff to fully pay his tuition at the University of California, Berkeley - about $ 30,000 in year.

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