7 of paradise islands, which can buy anyone

How often we think, "I will throw everything and go away to the sea!" And often we visited dream of your own island paradise coast which gently washed by the waves, the seagulls scream wakes in the morning, and the bright crimson sun pours horizon at sunset ... Surprisingly, but in today's world is really possible to pick up an island of his taste and pocket.

We are in the Website have started urgently to save money and buy lottery tickets, because the dreams of the island put up for sale right now.

White Island (White Island)

Grenada, Caribbean

Scenic untouched island is ideal for relaxing in solitude. Views of the surrounding countryside is breathtaking and colorful coral reefs surrounding the island, will not leave indifferent any diver

Cost:. 5 500 000 $

Ki Ballast (Ballast Key)


Ballast Key has long served as a refuge for all those who needed peace and relaxation from the routine. It is located 9 miles from the Gulf of Key West, a few houses, including one with five bedrooms and a small factory on the desalination of sea water. This scenic spot is easy to forget about the time, just watching the ebb and flow

Cost:. 15,800,000 $

Isla Paloma (Isla Paloma)

Panama, Central America

Despite its tiny size, the island is ideal for a relaxing break from the bustle - there are also the benefits of civilization (electricity, water) and the exotic (tropical birds, flowers and fruit trees), and a beautiful white sand beach

<. Price: 380 000 $

Belle Lune (Belle Lune)

Ontario, Canada

Belle Lune is located in a secluded area near the national park "basholi Island" and just a 2-hour drive from Toronto. From the windows of comfortable guest cottage offering stunning scenic views of the lake

Cost:. 1 700 000 $

Island Petra (Petra Island) < br> New York, USA

This island, which is 15 minutes by helicopter from New York, combines a masterpiece of nature - has the shape of a heart, and a masterpiece of architecture - houses are built by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. For example, one of the buildings in the afternoon with fantastic illuminated from within through the roof located on a triangular window. The island also has its own helipad

Cost:. On request

Little St. George's Cay (Little St. George's Caye)
Belize, Central America

Two sandy beaches and unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters, soft white sand bottom, lush greenery - this island seems a paradise, and beckons to settle here

Price: 1 600. 000 $

Buck Island (Buck Island)

British Virgin Islands

This island has been described as the most luxurious island in the entire Caribbean. Indeed, there is everything and for everyone: scenic cliffs, white sand beaches, a large house with a wine cellar and gym. Friends exactly like

Cost:. On request

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