15 books, dystopia that change the idea of ​​a perfect world

Once upon a time, in the sixteenth century, Thomas More wrote a piece called "The Golden book is as useful as it is fun on the best structure of the state and the new island Utopia". It Mohr described an ideal society where everyone is always nice and peaceful. And in fact the book is boring because of it in the literature appeared just two artistic direction of utopia and dystopia - a genre in which individual freedom is severely limited by the state, and free-thinking is punished severely.

Website has compiled a list of all time best dystopia, which are able to flip your mind.

George Orwell's "1984" novel describes a world divided between the three totalitarian states. The book is about total control, destroying the entire human and trying to survive in a world of hatred. The novel has repeatedly been subjected to censorship by the socialist countries. It was banned in the Soviet Union. Buy

Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" 451 ° Fahrenheit - the temperature at which paper ignites and burns. This is the world of the future, where all written publications ruthlessly destroyed special detachment of firemen, storage of books is punishable by law, and interactive television is successfully duping everyone. Buy

Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" before we see a society in which, apparently, there is no place of pain and sorrow. Every man almost from birth inspired his place in society - the best; all of them provided any necessary benefits. If all the same sadness crept into the soul - just take a couple of pills soma, and a bad mood will be over. Buy

George Orwell "Animal Farm", "Animal Farm" - a parable, an allegory of the revolution of 1917 and the subsequent events in Russia. Fauna barnyard long suffered bestial treatment by the people, but once it's patience snapped. Four-legged rebelled and drove out the farmers do well, and declared himself a free republic under the leadership of pigs. Buy

Yevgeny Zamyatin "We" One of the most famous anti-utopia world. In the twenty-sixth century, the inhabitants of Utopia have lost their individuality so that different numbers. At the head of the One State is someone named Benefactor annually re-elected by the entire population, as a rule unanimously. The guiding principle of the State is that happiness and freedom are incompatible. Buy

Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange "This is a wicked satire on the modern totalitarian society, seeking to turn the young generation into obedient to the will of the leaders of" A Clockwork Orange. " Clever, cruel, charismatic anti-hero Alex, the leader of a street gang, preaching violence as a high art of life gets in the iron grip of the latest state program on rehabilitation of offenders and himself becomes a victim of violence. Buy

Tatyana Tolstaya "Kys" "Kys" - the actual dystopia, terrible and wonderful tale about the death of our civilization, of the mutated citizens, running wild in the forests of radioactive, but the main thing - the degradation of language, still recognizable, but poorly understood. Buy

Andrei Platonov "pit" in the "Cauldron" as in a distorting mirror reflects the main events held in the USSR, the first five-year plan: industrialization and collectivization. A remarkable example of dystopian, harsh satire on the realities of everyday life and social structure of the Soviet state. Buy

Kazuo Ishiguro, "Never Let Me Go" Kathy, Tommy and Ruud grew up in boarding school. Studied, they drew pictures, played in school performances. Over time, they learned that their fate - a donation. They were created specifically in order to save the terminally ill. And these children, it's not shocking. They are prepared to meekly to first become assistants and brighten up the last days of his comrades, and then get called by the notch. Buy

Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse-Five" Do you want to present yourself in the place of Billy Pilgrim, who goes to bed elderly widower and wakes up on the wedding day, walks in the door in 1955, and comes out of it in 1941? It is only necessary to learn from Tralfamadorians see in four dimensions. One advice: wandering in time, choose the door, you do not accidentally turn on Slaughterhouse Five. Buy

Vladimir Nabokov "Invitation to a Beheading" in an unnamed fictional country of a young man named Cincinnatus C. awaiting execution, being imprisoned in the fortress and was sentenced to death for his disturbing public peace opacity or, as they say in the conclusion of the court, "epistemological infamy." Visited "wretched ghosts" of guards and relatives. Buy

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky "Snail on the Slope" in the story "The Snail on the Slope" There are two worlds, two different societies, each of which lives by its own laws. We see the world through the eyes of Candida and pepper. They are scientists, men of thought, who do not accept violence and harassment. Both are "sick longing for understanding" to the end will be to seek the truth, but each in their own way. Buy

Alex Garland "The Beach" Beach - a piece of heaven on earth among the Thai islands. He finds a group of people. The complete absence of civilization and continuous wildlife fascinates all people who see it. This place goes a lot of rumors, he even christened Eden. But getting there is not easy. To find yourself there, you have to be smart, brave and determined. Buy

Lauren Oliver "Delirium" near future. The world in which love is forbidden, because love - sickness, danger amor delirium, and the man who violates the ban threatens severe punishment. Therefore, any citizen who has reached eighteen years of age, must undergo the procedure for exemption from the memory of the past, which contains the germs of disease. Buy

Stephen King's "The Running Man" in the usual small town lives an ordinary man, is slowly but surely sinking into the abyss of black hatred toward themselves and others. And when the occasion is, it can not be stopped. America has become a hell. People are dying of hunger, and the only way to make money - to take part in the most monstrous of the games generated perverse sadistic mind. Buy

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