The best photos 2014

35 vivid shots in the first half. Editor's Choice SaytByvaet that only one photograph can tell a story or to cause a storm of emotions. Such pictures appear daily in our category "Photo of the Day».

Sometimes it's just a good angle or the right time. Sometimes a beautiful landscape or a unique phenomenon. Most often it's just a chronicle of our amazing daily life documented by photographers from around the world. These pictures - everything is beautiful, funny and heartbreaking that struck each one of us and our readers over the past six months.

Ideal svet

Photogenic child. Level: Bog

Bicycle road in the suburb of

Rio de Janeiro, Braziliya

This wedding will be remembered nadolgo

Home - fantaziya

Newborn medved

Failure matritse

Adelie Penguin presents his sweetheart

"Ideal" kameshek

In this photo there poezd

Probably so ancient invented bogov

The age-old protivostoyanie

Ideal raschet

The view from the cockpit nochyu

For example, a cat who?

Military parade Kitae


Deadline and creative couple


Nobody wants to be friends with medvedyami

One couple jokingly invited the Queen to her wedding. And she took and prishla.

Cat apokalipsisa

Austrian skiers in Sochi

SELF during aviakatastrofy

Sand, increased 300 raz

A drop of sea water, an increase of 25 raz

The father, who dreamed of the two sons ...

Towing aysberga

That is what it means to catch moment

Everybody wants to heat!


This drug

Bangkok sokovyzhimalka

It looks like a bucket leni

Most cool self in istorii

Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey and Angelina Jolie in the steepest in the history of the self.

At the edge of sveta

Hanging over the ocean Sørvágsvatn lake on the island of Vagar and is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, Denmark.

At Hogwarts!

So far, my friends!

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