Best childhood in the world

Tippi Degré (Tippi Degré) was born in Africa, in a family of French wildlife photographers, and spent her childhood in such a way that it is impossible not to envy.

She was born in June 1990 and grew up in the African desert, setting an unusually close relationship with many wild animals that did not touch her, but rather strongly guarded.

Do you think that her parents are careless, and the child is in danger? Certainly not!

The ten-age girl studied African bushes, crawling on all fours. Africa has been her home for ten years, allowing Tippy friends with predatory animals, as well as natives of Namibia. For the little girl hug a giant toad was as natural for us - a teddy bear.

The girl's parents wrote a book about her childhood «Tippi of Africa» (Tippi of Africa), which was published in 1998. They also made a documentary film «Bridging Gap to Africa» (swinging bridge in Africa), after which the girl Mowgli and became popular.

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