Childhood lost


Childhood for many is, was and remains the best period of their lives: a time of carefree existence, a world of fairy tales and miracles, caring for the young parents. In the hard and cheerless weekdays adults full of problems and worries, we can give a smile the memories of childhood. And what about those who have nothing to remember?

The rootCauses of the so-called "lost" childhood are extremes in education — that is, either a license and not an interest in child or an authoritarian parenting style, in other words parental tyranny.

Bad parents areParents who cannot cope with the needs and needs of the child, not engaged in education, disregard its development and interests, can't create decent living conditions, in the cases provided by law, deprived of parental rights. A child left to himself, and as he is not able to provide for our own needs and his leisure to the full, the child will look not the world with funny flying cows, yummy candy and pink elephants, and the world is horrible and cruel. But termination of parental rights will not be able to get the child back in childhood – in fact, orphanages do not present the warmth and care that is needed by the child.

Never, never and again – notthe Presence of an excessive number of prohibitions also steals the childhood of the child. Small children – the researchers, they just need space and objects and interaction with them through trial and error. Rebuke the baby only dangerous things and not to scold him – examining, he is in his place and doing what you need. The prohibitions in education can walk up to the authoritarian parenting style. Remember, a child is a person, a new unique person who has the right head or the right choice, you need to remember that though sometimes. Child parents-tyrants will never be no love, no respect, only fear – do you need it?

Want a genius!Sometimes, looking at some parents the impression that they brought a child only in order to become a chance to fulfill their own unrealized desires and aspirations. Even before birth they begin to fight back on this baby: buy toys that they did not get in childhood, not while looking at gender and age of the child, begin overly hard to develop the child's various methods, techniques, programs, all possible and impossible for a child, stuffed it with all sorts of knowledge, replacing the games on learning. Smart and well – developed child is fine, but the child is not a robot. The main activity at an early age should remain a game. Therefore, it is possible to reach a compromise with their wishes and abilities of the child to teach playing with it.

"Hothouse" children, Many parents raise and educate the child under the slogan, the famous Soviet Union: "All best – to children!". As the perception of the world in General, all people are different, and this phrase every person realize in different ways. As a inadequate representation about the phrase are "indulging" or "zaljubljena" child. So you can grow up in a family hothouse "child plant", selfish individual who are not going to exist in the open "garden", that is society. Such "hothouse childhood" is not real and also injurious to the further development of the child.

Dear parents, do not hit the extremes. Harmony lives within the Golden mean.



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