So, what secret dreams of any hostess! 18 and another 2 examples of little things that change everything.

When I presented this device for cutting bread, I treated him with suspicion. Never knew how beautifully cut bread knives - this is clearly not mine ... But, taking advantage of this thing, I almost burst into tears with emotion

. Each slice of bread looked spotless, all the same, you can easily cut even the freshest loaf! Never in my life did not work I have this, but a simple kitchen gadget all changed. I wanted to give someone just as an exclusive item!

The most useful tools for the kitchen at the AliEpress picked up the whole edition of «Website» , especially for expensive readers. Happiness - is in the details! Looking at these useful and so cute kitchen stuff, I was once again convinced of this ... We spend so much time in the kitchen, a separate living there whole life. There is a reason to improve it!

Gadgets Kitchen
Slicer will cut any products on the thinnest slices! The entire value of this device realize when you cut hard raw sausage.
Buy for 770 rubles ➜

Here's how to cut potatoes true lovers of French fries!
Buy for 1,200 rubles 32,768,862 ➜

Special shears for cutting any greenery!
Buy for 778 rubles 99,316,719 ➜

Razor, by which is extremely easy to peel and cut any fruit and vegetables.
Buy for 93 rubles 26,003,431 ➜

Slice the meat, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, smooth thin slices help this miracle.
Buy for 296 rubles 13,189,804 ➜

Device for slicing vegetables. Each piece - ideal
! Buy for 138 rubles 14,373,567 ➜

I need it! < Protection for fingers , which will never be superfluous in the kitchen.
Buy for 54 rubles 28,916,530 ➜

With this tricky little things you can extract the core and pips from fruits.
Buy for 111 rubles 81,844,567 ➜

Mini grater garlic ! She did not have long to wash, as the garlic press and add the grated garlic dishes a special flavor.
Buy for 70 rubles 54,372,317 ➜

Sliced ​​banana in 2 seconds!
Buy for 170 rubles 71,452,285 ➜

Cut apple hassle. For anyone who does not like to have it in its entirety.
Buy for 66 rubles 77,126,336 ➜

Magic invention! Any fruit can be at the time of issue the original curly slices. This creates fruit bouquets!
Buy for 378 rubles ➜ 6,951,417

That there is such a thing in my house. I can not tell you how I like it! If you bake bread yourself, this irreplaceable thing ...
Buy for 460 rubles 81,782,126 ➜

Cut cakes for a cake or a biscuit - a matter of minutes, if you have this gadget ...
Buy for 500 rubles 84,455,162 ➜

Can opener for beer bottles , which hangs on the wall! Perfectly fits into the interior of convenience and can not speak ... Excellent!
Buy for 1000 rubles 37,024,592 ➜

Brush for washing dishes, which will do all the dirty work for you. Female hands deserve to be gentle!
Buy for 87 rubles 58,424,547 ➜

The sponge, which helps wash fine glass glasses without difficulties!
Buy for 59 rubles 14,756,058 ➜

Silicon float for washing vegetables. It can be used as a tack. Just right!
Buy for 46 rubles 64,981,661 ➜

Stand-organizer for different sponges and rags. Neat appearance so uplifting!
Buy for 380 rubles 97,061,975 ➜

Shopping for the washed dishes: always at hand, dishes drying over the sink. Before hell cool!
Buy for 636 rubles 62,091,260 ➜

I hope to receive as a gift a couple of wonderful instruments! Particularly liked the garlic grater: chesnokodavilku with the Soviet model I have a fairly complex relationship

. How cool that now these tricky things have become so available and can facilitate women's work. If you agree with me, dear reader, show this article to your friends!


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