Perhaps the best advice for your holiday by the sea! Number 15, number 18 and number 21 - that's it ...

Summer! Leave! For all this time it is welcome, but I have not met anyone who'd prepared for it as carefully as my husband. The whole family vacations for him - a sacred event. He plans well in advance where we were going and that we take with you, down to the smallest detail ....

Once irritated me like pedantry. But with each new release, spent together, I fell in love with the tediousness of her husband! Our suitcases were always little things, rescued in emergency situations.

< «Website» offers you to come on holiday with AliEpress Useful things that we found there, make your summer infinitely beautiful!

What to take with you on vacation
Lantern specifically for outdoor recreation. Indispensable in a tent camp.

Buy for 160 rubles ➜

Beautician , which will always be in order! How convenient pockets ...

Buy for 155 rubles 59,687,389 ➜

multitool - a tool that combines a pair of scissors, a knife, pliers and other useful features. Great idea for a gift, help out in any unpredictable situation!

Buy for 670 rubles 17,223,387 ➜

Round beach towel with an unusual print! I liked at first sight ...

Buy for 2070 rubles 82,485,406 ➜

Hanging a hammock is useful not only in the journey: it is possible to attach and on the balcony! What I always associated with relaxation.

Buy for 1350 rubles 15,318,089 ➜

Spacious beach bag with lots of pockets! It is easy to find the right thing - all in the mind

. Buy for 240 rubles 19,069,194 ➜

Organiser in the car! The bag has a special section with the function of a thermos. This device accurately appreciate all those who have kids.

Buy for 514 rubles 53,314,970 ➜

Hanger organizer - a useful trick women. You can easily carry all the most necessary little things and keep them handy! Finally, I do not suffer from the disorder in the purse ...

Buy for 610 rubles ➜ 4,166,812

Suitcase Travel with an elastic strap, which further protects the luggage. Besides a nice design!

Buy for 640 rubles 34,405,876 ➜

pillow to relax in transport , which will bring comfort even on a long journey. Without it anywhere!

Buy for 310 rubles 30,442,926 ➜

Umbrella with fascinating prints! What a brilliant idea: Vincent Van Gogh painting will give a special atmosphere, even in a cold shower

. Buy for 888 rubles 89,300,822 ➜

Special Folding dryer road , which takes up little space in your suitcase. We take a different things on vacation , but without such a dryer can not do exactly ...

Buy for 870 rubles 99,781,638 ➜

Classic Sunglasses a high-quality glass. Always take a vacation replacement!

Buy for 120 rubles 72,206,559 ➜

Easy to use epilator It provides smoothness of the skin for a long time, very contraption with the function of heating the wax.

Buy for 870 rubles 62,966,592 ➜

There are things that are pleasing to me every day. < Termochashka double-walled stainless steel - is such a thing, I want to use it constantly

! Buy for 980 rubles 81,436,770 ➜

Case for storage and transportation of clothes. I'm always ready for the holiday!

Buy for 180 rubles 64,392,684 ➜

inflatable children's pool is always useful: the country, the sea and even at home! Very tiny babies can be left in a pool with no water - a great alternative to any arena

. Buy for 870 rubles 38,625,250 ➜

The original manicure set in a convenient carrying case. Just look, they smile at you!

Buy for 420 rubles 53,980,698 ➜

Not just sorry that did not take a thread and a needle. It lacked such a set, just starting to use it, I realized it!

Buy for 280 rubles 13,681,243 ➜

This Set for cleaning shoes does not take up much space. Guaranteed flawless species!

Buy for 360 rubles 40,453,833 ➜

Cheerful drawing and durable material! Excellent choice of beach shoes, and an extra pair never hurts ...

Buy for 600 rubles 56,263,961 ➜

Headphones Xiaomi with a microphone. How I love them to talk on the phone so much time to do useful things in spiritual conversations

! Buy for 78 rubles 61,301,952 ➜

Assessed the genius tunic dress in the last year. Rare to find beachwear that would look so elegant ... Worn excellent! Now I know, What to take on vacation at sea

Buy for 280 rubles ➜

Bag for transporting a cat or a small dog. Even the most mischievous pet will safely enjoy the journey!

Buy for 1 690 rubles 62,771,889 ➜

Bright toys for the beach and sandbox. That's it, summer mood!

Buy for 470 rubles 74,261,410 ➜

Nowhere is nothing waiting for a man always have to bring everything! This concerns not only the most necessary things for the rest of the sea, this also applies to our emotions, our mood.

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