Selection of the most unusual beaches of our planet

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Punaluu Beach - volcanic earth
Hawaii Punaluu beach popular with tourists because of its unusual black sand.
The reason for this color is a volcanic island and, accordingly, of the sand. But like the beach is not only tourists but also the inhabitants of the sea, where one can often see green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles that crawl soak up the sun.
Swim here is almost impossible, the fact that the coast is strewn with spiky stones and the water is cold all year round because of the freshwater springs.

Hyams Beach - white sand
Beach Hyams Beach, located in the Bay of Jarvis, Australia, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the beach with the white sand on the ground.
It is said that he found himself at Hyams Beach, it seems as if there is snow or around untold reserves of shallow salt.
Also this is the most fine-grained sand in the world and is more like a flour and photos beach - paradise island "Bounty».

Lyme Regis - Beach lyazh Jurassic Jurassic is located in the English county of West Dorset, close to the village of Lyme Regis. Of course, there are no dinosaurs, but the coastal cliffs contain many
ammonite fossils of ancient mollusks.
Experts estimate the age of fossils more than 185 million years.
As a result of frequent landslides on the surface there are new
and new remains of the ancient inhabitants of the planet and to find them,
You can do without special archaeological sites.
That, of course, very convenient.

Beach caves
In Portugal, in the town of the Algarve, is the extraordinary beauty of the beach.
Decorate its labyrinth of caves nice yellow color.

Red beach on the island of Maui Kaihalulu
On the east coast of the island of Maui in Hawaii is Kaihalulu Bay,
which means "the roar of the sea."
Although the reef that protects the bay, coastal waves are high enough
and really noisy.
Dark-red sand, sometimes rolling in red, appeared here thanks
Eruption longtime Cauca.
And even here it is very difficult to get up the narrow and steep path, this place
It is frequently visited by people.

"Maho Beach" - the beach for extreme
Maho Beach on the island of San Martin is famous for the fact that many people walk on it, not for swimming, but to see the landing.
It's hard to believe in the authenticity of the images of giant ships, flying at an altitude of 10-20 meters above sunbathers tourists, however,
they are real. Princess Juliana International Airport serves Sint Martin, the Dutch part of the island of St. Maarten.
It is the second busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean. Therefore beachgoers at Maho Beach have not sweet.
The beach is a perfect place for a detailed scrutiny of low-flying aircraft, although it brings some inconvenience
bathing and getting sunbathing.
Despite the difficult conditions of takeoff and landing, no accidents in this place is not fixed.

Beach of seashells
Another amazing beach this time completely strewn with shells.
Shell Beach on the island of St. Bartholomew located nearby
dearest town of Gustavia. If the result at Shell Beach, children can take
them for a day - either in the water will not come back, no ice cream will not be asked.
Stormy sea life, fast currents and storms for centuries constantly supply
Caribbean beach with tons of sea souvenirs.

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA, USA
Usually the person throwing garbage negative impact on the environment.
Mountains of rubbish spoiling not only the air, soil and water,
but also cause aesthetic damage to the natural beauty. However, rarely,
but still there are exceptions - the trash creates beauty.
There is one interesting place - Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA
(Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA, USA).
Surprisingly this place is its unusual beach. In the first half of the XX century
in an area where there is this beach, it was a dump.
In the 60 years the landfill was closed, and since the garbage was left to himself.
Mountains of broken glass, plastic and other debris and littered
on the shores of the warm rays of the Californian, lapped by the sea surf
blown and sea breezes.
It turns out the garbage, too, may eventually become beautiful.

Pink Beach
When you imagine a pink beach, once there is a certain romantic mood.
Maybe that's because the pink sand - it's something
from the category of a fairy tale, Harbour Island (Bahamas) is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world.
Just imagine a pink five-kilometer beach
and the azure sea - really fascinating spectacle for true romantics.
Another quite famous pink beach is
on the small Greek island of Elafonissi (Deer Island), which is located in the south-west of Crete.

Purple Beach
Another great beach is located in the United States, California,
it's called - Pfeiffer Beach.
His purple-pink color he owes to the presence in the neighboring hills
spessartine mineral (a variety of garnet) and manganese,
which washed out by rain water, creates whimsical drawings on the beach,
giving it the unusual purple color.

Green Beach Pakolepea
Papakolea beach (Papakolea Beach) is called the green sand beach.
It is located in South Point on the island of Hawaii.
Ash surrounding the cone, consisting of olivine crystals gives the beach a green tint.
If you look at the beach from afar,
it would seem quite green, but if you take a handful of sand and take a closer look,
would see more shades of golden crystals.
Natives called this mineral "Hawaiian diamond."

Golden Plage. Malta
Ramla beach is the sand with a touch of orange, but in the translation
with Maltese «ramla» actually means "red".
That this beach mentioned in the "Odyssey" by Homer - is spending time
imprisoned from the world Odyssey cave nymphs
Calypso - preserved cave on the island - before his famous voyage.


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