Top 10 best beaches in Europe in 2014

Belgian travel agency European Best Destinations to the beginning of the summer season was the top list of the best beaches in Europe in 2014. The original list of the beaches has been proposed by specialists of tourism industry based on Eurostat data for 2013. Then the list of nominees was put up for online voting, which was attended by residents of the European Union. When choosing a beach evaluated criteria such as recreation, entertainment and travel. Top 10 best beaches in Europe in 2014 is as follows: 1. Harbour Beach, Tenby (Wales, UK)

Harbour Beach - a small picturesque harbor with a sandy beach, extending over 2, 5 km. On either side of the beach is a road leading to the town of Tenby, and there is a trail along which you can walk along the cliffs. Appreciation of the beach was picturesque and clean water as well as good reviews from visitors. 2. Praia da Cova, Sesimbra (Portugal) Praia da Cova called a paradise on earth with quiet and amazingly clear waters, sinuous, jagged rocks. In general, the beaches of the city Sesimbra are very popular among divers. The city itself is located near Sesimbra Arrábida Natural Park, that allows tourists to diversify your vacation a little journey through the natural world in Portugal. 3. Zlatni Rat, Brac Island (Croatia) 82,909,655

Croatian beach Zlatni Rat, which is also called "tourist Mecca" - one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. In form it resembles the horn, extended into the sea 634 m. Depending on the wind direction the tip of the beach changes its shape and position. Surrounded by pine forest and clear waters perfect beach is really one of the best in the world. This place attracts tourists from all over the world who enjoy the sun, sea and water sports. 4. Isola Bella, Taormina (Sicily)

The small rocky beach located on the island of Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) in the Ionian Sea, is a popular destination for fans of snorkeling (a type of snorkelling, snorkel, and usually with fins). The sea around the island can boast a myriad of organisms, various algae, colorful fish and crustaceans of all sizes. Isola Bella natural reserve and is under the control of the Italian branch of the World Wildlife Fund. The island is laid cableway. 5. Los Canos de Meca, Costa de la Luz (Spain) Costa de la Luz ("Coast of light") located in the Gulf of Cádiz, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and is bordered by Portugal. At this resort you will not notice a crowd of thousands of tourists. Holidays at the calm and measured. There is good windsurfing and sailing: huge spaces, sunny and warm. Los Canos de Meca is a large strip of sand with crystal clear water. The beach is popular with nudists. 6. Grande Plage Biarritz, Biarritz (France)

Beach Grande Plage Biarritz is particularly popular among foreign tourists. Because of the high waves, this place was chosen by surfers. Learn the art of conquering the waves come families with children from around the world. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for those who do not like excessive heat. In the resort city of many attractions, a visit which can diversify holiday. 7. Ile Vierge, Brittany (France)

Ile Vierge surprising and unusual place of the French Brittany. The island is located in the department of Finistère, is famous for its cliffs and narrow fjords, coves and rocky headlands. On the Ile Vierge is the highest lighthouse in Europe (82, 5 m), decorated with blue opaline inside. 8. Porto Santo, the island of Porto Santo (Portugal) The small island of Porto Santo, despite the lack of it a large number of attractions and diversity of landscapes, is quite popular among tourists. Here you can find peace and privacy at this relaxed atmosphere of the island contrasts with the active life of summer resorts located nearby. By the way, the island is located 40 km north-east of Madeira, where no shortage of attractions. 9. Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa (Cyprus) 11,757,782

The lively Nissi Beach with its noisy parties, mostly attracts young people. Bright sand, turquoise water, a lot of people and thundering music - so you can characterize this popular resort. On the island are popular water sports. Among the shortcomings can be noted beach growth of algae in the summer. 10. Kampen beach, Sylt-Ost (Germany) 5,426,051

Small but exquisite, exclusive and elegant. So it is possible to characterize the German Kampen beach, which draws its contrasts, endless sandy beaches and wide heath. Wind and waves attract beach lovers of sailing and surfing.



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