In Montana gold poured from the taps

Golden fragments that appeared in the water from the tap, frightened and angered residents of Whitehall, Montana. This was reported by Metro. Residents of homes in which the water came with gold, was accused of polluting the nearby mine and concluded that the urban water filters system in need of repair or replacement. Mark Brown, one of the residents, said his wife noticed a strange glitter particles when washing dishes, and showed them to him. The man said that the water may be other, more dangerous to the health of primesi.

Brown's opinion is shared by other "victims of gold." It is reported that gold "emerged" from the tap in a few urban houses (their exact number is not reported). Have the inhabitants of Whitehall a formal complaint to the local authorities, is not known. In turn, the leadership of the mine, the citizens accused of polluting the water, refused to take responsibility for water pollution. Official representatives of the gold mining company suggested that gold came from "some other nearby pipes." Gold is not one of the metals that are dangerous to human health. However, it should be noted that ingested debris can cause damage to internal organs.



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