Journey to the sea without a visa: Top 20 Countries

Go to the sea - a great prospect for any vacation. Only here the visa regime in many cases destroys the plans of holidaymakers. Because I offer you the top 20 countries, ideal for beach holidays and do not require visas for travelers (or are put at the airport immediately after your arrival). Read on!


Gagra, Pitsunda, Sukhumi only 30 years ago was synonymous with great vacation on the sea and the trade union vouchers deficient in high-rise resort. Resorts Abkhazia overnight left the tourist Olympus and now slowly returning to its former popularity. Here, everything is the same warm sea, penetrating aroma of pine and cypress trees, breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains. Signs "no vacancies" on the gates of houses will not see: it is always possible to rent a house in the family mini-hotels. And gourmets here expanse: you want - overeat cheeses and homemade pies, you want - taste the colorful pupyrchatuyu churchkhela with nuts and honey or tastes fragrant wine, which are traded in virtually every yard.
Having arrived in Baku in the summer, one can not swim in the sea. Especially that close on the Absheron Peninsula there are many good beaches. But the best, of course, are in Mardakan. In the XIX century cottages are built oil magnates - Tagiyeva Mukhtarova. Now equipped beaches here: free and paid, on which you can swim from May to September. And for a wonderful black - yes, black! - Sand need to go south to Lankaran, located almost on the border with Iran. If you are going here, be aware that the main evening event here - a hike in Chayhona where poured incredibly tasty tea treat and excellent homemade jam.

Barbados - one of the islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. This former British colony, where several centuries sugar cane and make the world-famous rum. Coast of Barbados - a perfect clean beaches with palm trees, pirate caves, coconut milk, and, of course, the Caribbean music from morning till night. And most important - here you can sunbathe and swim all year round. Even hurricanes that cause so much harm to residents of other islands do not reach Barbados.

On the world map, Georgia seems to be quite a small country, the size of Holland. However, this is an optical illusion. Georgia - not a country, but rather a continent where fit mountains, rivers, prairies, deserts, tundra, glaciers, beaches and taiga. Exclusively on the sands of a beach tan Batumi, Ureki Sarpi here or not enough. It is necessary to go to the mountains of Svaneti, where hundreds of climbing and laid terkingovyh routes of varying complexity, where there is alpine meadows and streams flowing from glaciers. By the way, black sand beach is famous for its healing properties Ureki sand treats diseases of the heart, nerves, skin, and returns the men wasted power.

In the Dominican Republic have to go for the beach, which a century ago admired Columbus himself, medieval buildings erected agile colonizers, and rum, in no way inferior, and even overtaking on the flavoring qualities Cuban competitor. Catch a tan and exercise in swimming and snorkeling can be almost the entire coast of the country, but the best beaches need to look at the resorts of Punta Cana (the strip of white sand beaches with coral sand stretches for 30 kilometers), Puerto Plata (north coast of the spot for surfing) and Samana Peninsula. Last known for its main adventure - watching the humpback whales that migrate between singing songs in the local bay.
Despite the fact that summer is the rainy season begins, the tourists go here anyway. The more so as tropical storms begin quickly, and quickly come to an end.


Red Sea resorts, in spite of all the Egyptian revolution, occupy the top of the charts among the most popular holiday destinations of Russians. Arab exotic, fantastic underwater world has turned into one of Egypt's most popular tourist destination countries. The main resorts of the country - the road to Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada democratic, "mecca" daunshifterov Dahab's most famous diving spots of the world - Blue hole and one of the youngest and not yet fully mastered by tourists Marsa Alam, off the coast of which the excellent diving .


Few in any other parts of the world can have a feeling with the same frequency as in Israel. Then in the morning you can go down to the snow-capped mountains in the afternoon - soak up the sea beach in the evening - dinner in the desert, and the dawn of a new day meet in one of the most ancient cities in the world - Jerusalem. And all this - without leaving the territory of the half lower than the Moscow region. The main coastal cities of the country - Haifa, Tel Aviv and Eilat, which, of course, steals the show. If in Haifa and Tel Aviv beaches - this is a great addition to the city, the Eilat - resort capital of the country, a piece of beach civilization 7-kilometer-long, separated from the rest of Israel's Negev desert sands. Its main entertainment - diving to the sprawling coral forests and flooded the courts, for which tourists come here from all over the world.

The amount of oil that was poured on the Indonesian island of Bali glossy magazines and television, has long enough for the whole sea. Fabulous, fantastic, crazy obscene - all this is about the only one island. Here - the perfect place for everything. For a honeymoon or romantic dinners under the moon, all-night revelry in the company of friends, good family vacation with children with the obligatory visit to the zoo and tumbling in the ocean with dolphins fun. And for novice surfers here - very friendly wave. And at the same time the most insidious - for those who are not afraid of neither God nor the devil.


Aqaba - Jordan's Red Sea resorts - is growing rapidly the last few years. This is the warmest place in the country (after the Dead Sea resort) where you can feel comfortable even in the New Year - Mountain carefully guarded city weather trouble, creating a special microclimate. The water temperature in the middle of winter here does not fall below plus 22 degrees in the summer and the sea turns into a completely fresh milk. Aqaba boasts a balanced "package" of the sea and historical pieces: which is only the local Mameluke fort, which at one time he stormed Lawrence of Arabia. And Peter, grand ancient monument, made the list of "new wonders of the world", the resort is only a few tens of kilometers.


The only beach resort in Cambodia Sihanoukville stands on the banks of the same Gulf of Thailand as an Asian capital carefree tourism and institutionalized corruption - Thailand's Pattaya. In addition, the Cambodian is much more successful Thai - 500 km closer to the equator. Not surprisingly, the laurels of the famous neighbor no longer give Sihanoukville rest. The last decade and are only there was talk of building "Pattaya future».
But still a long way to Pattaya, while the city looks more like a Soviet Anapa: the same sandy beaches, drowsy provincial atmosphere and discreet service. The most significant plus compared to Thai "competitors" are the relative cheapness and not crowded.


Legendary Lake Issyk-Kul in the north-east of the country and is a resort of regional importance: every summer come to him not only from Kyrgyzstan, but also citizens of Kazakhstan, and the Russians from the border with Kazakhstan and Western Siberia regions. In July and August the shore, already plastered resorts, health resorts, flood the mass of people, and the prices soar in boarding houses by Kyrgyz standards to cosmic heights, especially in the North, the traditional tourist, side.
But "the pearl of the Tien Shan" even in the summer does not lose its luster: lovers of peace and pristine stands just something to go beyond the Cholpon-Ata, Karakol, Balykchy, Bosteri, Tamchi and set up camp "savage", away from the city's beaches spat (local people do not really care about the cleanliness of their region). Plenty of space: the length of the coastline of the Issyk-Kul is 688 km, it is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world.


The main resort of Cuba - Varadero - is 20 kilometers away fleeing sandy shore, generously flavored with five-star hotels, villas, discos and bars. From communist Cuba in these parts was gone. Basic "package" of entertainment in Varadero includes sea swims, walks on the beach and drinking pins Colada in tiny bars. And the resort is absolutely obsessed with diving all: there are at least two dozen schools, fifty instructors and countless interesting "spot" for diving, including the coral reef that surrounds part of Varadero, as well as flooded warships and aircraft.


From the Maldives need to bring peace of mind and T-shirts with the inscription speaking «No news, no shoes». Shoes are really not needed. White sand, soft and gentle, embracing a wide strip all the 1200 islands of the archipelago. To work around any of them, you need only some 20-40 minutes leisurely step. News, especially from the TV, and did not get along under the thatched bed bungalows. Therefore, to find peace of mind in these parts easily. The main thing - to observe the simple routine: alternate sunblock with aromatic oils in the spa, cocktails on the beach - with a candlelight dinner, wallowing in the warm ocean - with walks on deserted islands.


This African kingdom is considered not only the owner of the stunning scenery, but also excellent beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Here - good waves for surfing and steady wind for kite and windsurfing. This was, in fact, not the "vegetable" beach vacation, travel to Morocco. Chief of entertainment in the country - Agadir, which resembles the Egyptian Hurghada: here fun, crowded, civilized. Women go without hijab, bars packed with Europeans and discos rattle until morning. They come here to sunbathe, splash in the warm waves, walk around the streets and shops built up fish feast Tazhin.


It is a magical and sometimes shocking kingdom - a paradise for sedate family vacation, and for divers, surfers, rafters, bekpakerov, daunshifterov, ecotourists, ethnographers, kickboxers, writers and just slackers. Just need to know who in what part of heaven go. Pattaya - for noisy nightlife for calm measured rest - in the province of Krabi and the island of Koh Phangan on honeymoon - Koh Samui, and for the largest number of beaches - the island of Phuket.


Tunisia - one of the oldest resorts on the planet. The healing properties of the local sandy beaches, thermal waters and tuna phosphorus found another Phoenicians. They were replaced by the Egyptians, and then the Roman legionaries with the patricians were treated on the Tunisian coast their rheumatism and gout, and only they knew a lot about good rest! The oldest resort in the country - Hammamet, quiet and peaceful, with no high-rise hotels, as the home by law can not be above the trees. Sousse - young and modern, with high-class hotels and spa centers. By the way, spas made honor Tunisian resorts. Thalassotherapy here has been developing for many years, and there are services cheaper than in Europe.


For most of our compatriots, this country has long become a major national resort, compared with which the popularity beyond the power of Yalta or Sochi Adler combined. Yet Turkey - much more than just a chain of resorts all inclusive. And arrived here, we should not be limited to "Bermuda Triangle" beach-restaurant-disco. Here there are amazing underground cities in Cappadocia, a unique salt lake Tuz, fascinating natural mineral baths in Pamukkale, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, where fanatic Herostrat burned the Temple of Artemis.


In Montenegro, difficult to feel like a foreigner: local language similar to Russian more Ukrainian, and a pair of stacks of local plum vodka quickly erases language barriers. A cursory glance at the local landscapes will give the association with the Crimea, Croatia and Turkey. But meticulous tourists caught in Montenegro, understand that other country on the world map not find. Mix of black rocks, groves of cypress trees, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, mountain villages and old buildings in the Venetian style magnet attracts here those who love sunbathing on a background of mountains and luxurious drink wine with a view of the most tortuous fjord of the Mediterranean - the Bay of Kotor.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is better known to us as Ceylon. All thanks to the fragrant Ceylon tea, which is very popular since the days of the Soviet Union. Come here will enjoy an amazing picture: the golden beaches and tropical forests, underwater coral placers and unique ancient architecture, beautiful waterfalls and tea plantations. In such nice scenery windsurfing, diving, rafting and rock climbing, as well as improve health using ancient methods of Ayurveda and aromatherapy.

South Korea

The largest island of the country - the southern Jeju - Korea for the same thing, that the Crimea to the Soviet Union: the main national health resort and granary. Those subtropics resort romance, BBQ local black pigs instead of lamb kebabs and provincial crowd of vacationers because of which in the season on the beaches are not crowded - a hair's breadth Soviet south summer. By the islanders, though, more like other comparisons such as "Asian Hawaii" or, at worst, "Korean Bali." But the facts - are stubborn things: Jeju still lack luster American and Indonesian surf stations. But after the abolition of visas for Russian holidaymakers, he seems to have finally turned into a replacement remote Black Sea resort island for our Siberia.



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