Where to go on the sea without a visa: 9 best places for a beach holiday

9 best places for a beach holiday with the motto "picked up and flew away"

In any unclear situation go to sea. And to make it easier to decide, we chose countries where messing around with the documents low, and the sea and the sun high. Change the rustle of papers rustling in the surf at the best rate!


In one trip to Turkey to visit Europe and Asia to swim in the four seas, to find yourself in the Country of beautiful horses to find a treasure at the Bazaar and lose the sense of time and space on travertine terraces of Pamukkale.

Photo: Claudio Riccio, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Amazing beaches in Turkey galore: discover the seven best according to a local resident, or make up your top. To the gentle waves and the Golden Sands enclosed bright summer fun. Just remember that the sea in the North warms up later, so on the black sea coast of Turkey often travel connoisseurs of ancient ruins, not beaches. The Marmara sea has a more active (or Vice versa — like!) on the beach, but the water before the beginning of June is still too invigorating. Known as the "Sunny bathroom" Turkey is, of course, the beaches of the Mediterranean sea in the South. Here the eternal summer of the infrastructure is thought over to trifles, and everyone will find something to their taste — someone in a lounge chair, someone on the crest of a wave. For beginners is the Aegean coast, is waiting for adventurers rafting down the mountain rivers, and romantic trip on the yacht that night can result in a foam party right on the deck. But there are also water parks, which easily blurs the boundary between children and adults! Among the Champions spatter of emotions — "Dedeman" in Bodrum, Aqua Fantasy in Izmir, and Water Planet in Alanya. And when you get tired of fun, welcome to the Hammam for rest and renewal.

And what about the visa? To the people of Russia the Republic of Turkey welcoming: relax in the country without a visa and fees you can up to 60 days, and to stay another 3 months, enough to pay 149 Turkish liras.

South Korea

Still, I want to relax "like everyone else"? Then head to South Korea, with three sides framed with Yellow beaches, Japanese and Eastern-Chinese seas.

Seoul's residents love to sunbathe on the East coast of the country, the beaches here are so easy to combine with health care and cultural experiences. Sokcho-si, for example, the famous Spa resort Chokan hot springs, a natural Park on mount Seoraksan, and a three-storey pagoda Hansonii VIII century Buddhist monastery Singins of the XVIII century. Another popular South Korean resort — Gangneung — go not only for a Golden tan, but also to admire the bizarre gorge Muryn and waterfall Guren that looked like something out a Chinese classic miniatures.

The peak of solar activity in South Korea, there is a tangerine at Jeju island on "cow island" Udo 3.5 km to the East (Koreans can see on the map prilago a cow, hence the name). Every imaginable beach activities included, but crowds of tourists here. If you have it minus the fat, look at the white sand beaches of the Yellow sea in the South-West of the country. To navigate in the main resorts of South Korea will help the official tourist website of the country (in Russian).

And what about the visa? To enjoy a beach holiday in South Korea can be at least 60 days in a row and no visa is not necessary! But what is needed is a valid passport and easy-going.


The Maldives

What unites Anastasia Volochkova, David Beckham, divers and honeymooners? Of course, the love of the Maldives. In a year-round resort discovered abnormal activity: change a life at times!

Maldives is equally beautifully explore the underwater world with scuba diving and admire the shades of the sky with an exotic cocktail. It still possible to find secluded corners of unspoiled nature, despite the abundance of luxury hotels, romantic villas, posh restaurants and spas. Actually, the hotels on the Islands so much that some don't even have enough space on the beach.

The closest to the airport are the beaches of North male Atoll, Ari Atoll is famous for its calm sea, easy approach to coral reefs and proximity to marine reserves. 130 km South of male on the white Sands and clear waters of the Atoll Meemu spelled out giant sea turtles, and the most southern Islands of the Maldives — Addu Atoll — between times to get a certificate for crossing the equator.

Photo: Mac Qin, CC BY-ND 2.0

And what about the visa? The gates of Paradise are opened easy: free visa for Maldives for 30 days is issued to the Russians at the airport of male.


Lying by the pool, knowing that in ruins with thousands of years of history, it is impossible / twice as nice (underline). Must be herself, Aphrodite gave the island the ability to fall in love.

Reinterpret the saying Cyprus can say: how many people, so many beaches. For example Nissi beach in Ayia NAPA created for youth parties and Dating the resort and on the beach of Fig tree Bay in the same Ayia NAPA are ideal places to relax with children. The peaceful and picturesque village of Protaras is also famous for its splendid facilities for a family holiday, and yet there is an elite sunrise with luxury hotels and Konnos Bay, which will appeal to lovers of secluded relaxation. Don't forget a must — to lose a few years with a dip in Aphrodite Bay between Limassol and Paphos. By the way, say, that the lovers who together will swim around the rocks of the goddess of love, never to part.

If you can tear yourself away from the lounger, it's worth a tickle on uncompromising the amusement Park Water World or dive to the sunken ship. And drink experience the best Royal wine Commandaria!

Photo: Ulrich Kersting, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

And what about the visa? Getting a single e-Pro-visa for Cyprus is just one day. You can sunbathe under the hot Cypriot sun up to 90 days. If you are going to travel to Cyprus several times within six months, to issue multiple visas at the Consulate too easy.


On the coast of Montenegro, in addition to warm from June to October, clean and boasts a medieval fortress, the Venetian palaces, Christian monasteries, and Turkish aqueducts. Near the town of Herceg-Novi, Igalo, you can treat yourself to Spa treatments with healing mud. At least a couple days worth to devote a continental part of Montenegro: to inhale the smell of pine forest in the stunning Durmitor national Park with crystal clear lakes and the canyon of the Tara river or to get to Skadar lake, on the banks of which are scattered ancient castles and monasteries.

Photo: Tommy Pixel, CC BY-ND 2.0

Diving, rafting, tracking — whatever attracted summer resorts of the Montenegrin Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic sea it offers. Choose the beach you like — and forward, to relax alone with the nature!

Photo: Arno Hoyer, CC BY 2.0

And what about the visa? If you are coming to Montenegro less than a month, will not need a visa.


Down language barriers! In a welcoming and warm Abkhazia you can safely go with the children without the knowledge of foreign languages, and even without a passport. The only thing though: be careful not to inadvertently be on the territory of Georgia.

However, it is unlikely that you actually want to leave Abkhazia: the pebbly beaches of Gagra, Pitsunda and Gudauta clean, serene and uncrowded, with spectacular lake Ritsa time has no power, a number of balneological resorts is only growing, and salmon with trout and mackerel-sturgeon in local rivers and the Black sea are not translated.

Photo: Dmitriy Kirilin, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Hunters thirst for cultural experiences will satisfy New Athos with its famous monastery and Sukhumi, with the castle of Bagrat, Kelasuri wall and the old Botanical garden. And with the satisfaction of appetite to the edges, where he came up with Hominy, peppermint escapan cheese and seasoning, won't be any problems. And you know what, one word in Abkhazian language to learn still stands: tell the local "tabup" — "thank you" — it would be nice!

And what about the visa? To enter into Abkhazia the Russians need neither a visa nor a passport (quite normal). Fly to Adler, from the river Psou to the Abkhazian border is only 10 km. At the border control will need to apply for mandatory insurance against accidents in the amount of 30 000 rubles. The insurance fee at the entrance for 1 day — 15 rubles, and if staying longer, at 10 rubles for each day of stay in Abkhazia. Read more about the beauty and the beaches the official tourist site of Abkhazia.


Feel healing need of the soul and the body? Then Israel is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe local attractions and placebo, but still work the same!

Sea adventures in Israel can begin in the reckless and hangout for tel Aviv. Here on the Mediterranean coast are all conditions for sports: Gordon beach opposite the Sheraton hotel you can play tennis and volleyball, and Hilton beach popular with surfers. Life is in full swing at the Harbor beach Hof and Metzitzim, which even a movie filmed here, for you and the colorful market, and the trendy bars and designer boutiques — all within walking distance from the beach umbrella. And the most quiet beaches of tel Aviv are considered to be the Alma to the South, near the ancient Jaffa, Banana beach, where locals love to relax with the whole family, but closely never.

The red sea is warmer than the Mediterranean, so now resort the splendor of Israel is revealed in Eilat. Local pearl — coral beach Hof Almog. In its southern part, closer to the Egyptian Taba, catch the wind kite surfers and the North beach created for diving, which you will tell your grandchildren.

If you want to forget about problems and to feel complete peace of mind, go to the Dead sea. Walk on water will hardly learn, but to try yourself in the role of Benjamin Button may rejuvenate the local salt and mud resorts are guaranteed. One for the road — a few more ideas of what to combine a beach holiday in Israel.

And what about the visa? Citizens of Russia can enter Israel without a visa as long as you wish, the main thing — the amount in six months to spend in the country not more than 90 days. Just make sure the passport is valid for 6 months from the date of arrival, and prepare documents that can be useful at the border.


While the Russians tasted only two Moroccan resort of Agadir and Essaouira, both on the shores of the Atlantic. If not too lazy to drive 160 km to the South, will make this a selfie amid the red rocks Legzira that so many "likes" you have never been. But if for a rare experience you are ready for more, go to Dahlu. The water in the ocean here all year round +25 °C, and instead of crowds of tourists — a rare monk seals Yes a gaggle of surfers, which compare the beach FOM Labour with Hawaii. Here guests can enjoy fishing or rent a SUV and go deep in the Western Sahara, to explore the life of nomads — such leave shall not be forgotten! And to save on vacation, take a look at the recently opened resorts North of Agadir — Taghazout the Mazagan and Liksus.

Secluded beaches are on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. Look at the carved scenic zone between Tangier and El-Hasami: the sea affectionate, and many of the beaches along with quiet fishing villages are surrounded by heavenly greens. If you prefer to stay in an "all inclusive" you enjoy the new resort Tamudo Bay in the outskirts of tétouan and Saidia in Berkane at the border with Algeria. Opposite the Spanish region of Andalusia, by the way, there is a huge tourist complex Mediterranee-Saidi with the yacht club and Golf course.

Photo: Michel G., CC BY-NC 2.0

Aside from beaches, one should visit the Moroccan capital of Rabat (minimum program — the Royal Palace and Mausoleum of Mohammed V), Marrakech (which will win you over the Old town "Medina" or the new district of the Ville Nouvelle?), Casablanca (maybe you'll hear echoes of cinematic passions) and Fes (especially good for relaxing walks in the gardens and a Cup of mint tea in a nice cafe). And I advise you to hike through the blue maze of Chefchaouen mountain, which entered the top of the most vibrant cities in the world by Skyscanner!. Bonus for fans of "Game of thrones" and other masterpieces of chinaapos: some of the scenes with the Mother of dragons was filmed in the medieval Ksar of AIT-Ben-Haddou.

And what about the visa? Citizens of Russia can relax in Morocco up to 90 days without a visa but passport must be valid until the end of the trip. The plane will need to fill in a migration card.


"Well, I told you not to interrupt me when I'm dreaming. If I'm in the astral all, do not go!" — striped told Marty to his friend Alex the lion. Make sure that the cartoon Madagascar island actually exists, and fulfill the dreams you won't be banned.

The company is the fourth largest island in the world you will be mixed lemurs, colorful geckos, tortoises cloverway, panterova chameleons, Pharaoh's mouse-and — now attention! — reconoce ay-ay. If you think that's all the surprises that await you in Madagascar, there it was. The scenery on the island-the nature reserve follow each other like a kaleidoscope: you walked among the baobab trees, and suddenly found myself in the rice fields or dormant volcano. In one side of the sun-baked valley, head turning and evergreen mangroves. Here the stone forest Tsingi de Bemaraha, that delicate Orchid Park Montagne D'ambra, and here is a fabulous azure coast with white sand.

Photo: IamNotUnique, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

For a beach holiday in summer is ideal West and North of Madagascar: the precipitation here is rare, the water off the coast of Morondava does not happen cooler +25 ° C, and on the island of Nosy-be-filled humid air, warmed to a comfortable +26-28 ° C. If you have difficulty with the humidity, head to the resorts of the Peninsula of Anakao in the South-West: here the climate is semiarid with a fresh breeze. On the famous Sainte-Marie (Nosy drills, he's Ile Sainte-Marie) Sunny weather often lasts from late August until December (July-September you can see whales). If you go South along the Eastern shore, on the coral beach Foulpointe (Mahavelona), keep in mind that it is safe to swim only in hotel zone: beyond the reef hosted the most real sharks. Prices, it should be noted, also bite, especially in the South of the city, don't hesitate to bargain.

And what about the visa? Visa for 30 days is issued on arrival and not worth a dime. If you want to spend on the island for up to 90 days, single or multiple entry visa you place at the Embassy of Madagascar in Moscow for 77 €. published


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