3 the best visa-free countries to stay with the child

List of countries where Russian citizens can go without making a visa has about 70 countries, and another 40 ready to apply for a visa in a simplified manner. But which ones are best suited for families with a child?

Montenegro Despite the fact that most of Europe is part of the so-called Schengen area, entry to which requires a visa, in the territory of the region there are countries which can be reached without unnecessary bureaucratic delays. So, having only a passport, you can go take a dip in the warm Adriatic sea. The most convenient among the areas to stay with the child today are, perhaps, the resorts of Montenegro, and there are several reasons.

One of them is that in the largest city in the country – Tivat and Podgorica several times a week there are direct flights from Moscow. The flight will take only about three hours, and then the road will not be too tiresome for both adults and children. In may for a beach holiday is still cool: the average daytime temperature on the coast is fine 21 degrees and the water is rarely warmer than 18 degrees. But starting in June to relax on the beaches of Montenegro is quite comfortable: the day temperature is 27-30 degree and the water – at least 24 degrees. This weather lasts until almost the end of September, so you can choose the most convenient time to visit.

Almost any resort in Montenegro it is easy to find hotels oriented to families with children in the restaurant each serves a special children's menu and facilities for feeding features various children's camps and providing services of qualified nurses, and, if necessary, you can go to the doctor. However, to choose a specific place is based not only on the characteristics of the specific hotel, but also taking into account the natural conditions of the resort. So, it should be borne in mind that a significant number of Montenegrin beaches – pebble. Therefore, if families with a child you usually choose a sandy shore, it makes sense to give preference to such places as Ulcinj, Budva or Becici. The cost of this vacation will be quite reasonable: the price of a room in a three star hotel, where comfortably accommodate a family of two adults and two children starts from about 30 euros, and at a four-star – from 60 euros per day.

Classics for children is considered as Turkey's mild climate makes it a really suitable place to stay even with infants. At the same time to relax by the sea in Turkey are quite comfortable in may: the air temperature is usually not less than 25 degrees and the sea has warmed up to 20 degrees and above.

Equally important advantage of attracting to the resorts of the country, families with children, is an exceptionally-designed "children's" infrastructure, which is considered one of the best in the world. These are numerous and diverse playgrounds and clubs, entertainment and babysitters that will not let your child get bored, Playground and exercise equipment, children's pools and water parks – in short, everything to ensure that the child's leisure time was memorable and diverse, and the parents at this time can enjoy the sun and sea. In addition, a good Turkish hotel won't be any problems with the child's diet – regardless of his age.


For the little ones there are dedicated areas for feeding, parents of older children can warm up baby food and sterilize the dishes and the children who are already eating on their own, can choose suitable for yourself a dish of variety the children's buffet.

The most popular for families with children the resorts of the Mediterranean sea, for example, side, Antalya or Kemer. However, even if you have repeatedly experienced the delights of the Turkish coast, we should not completely drop this country from the accounts: no wonder Turkey is called the country of four seas. Those who want to discover Turkey from a new angle, can, for example, to visit the Aegean coast – in the town of Kusadasi or another resort.


Cyprus is among the States with a simplified procedure for Russians to enter. As a rule, rest with the children of our compatriots prefer in the southern part of the island, arriving at the airport of Larnaca or Paphos. In both of these cases they have the opportunity to apply for a free Pro-visa online.

You only need to fill in a questionnaire which can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy of Cyprus, and sent to the Embassy by e-mail. After 1-2 days you will receive an electronic Pro-visa, you will need to print and present at the border to get the entry stamp in the passport. Thus, the visa formalities for a visit to Cyprus will take you more time than it would take to collect the bags. And they are definitely worth the time spent.

Cyprus – a unique area of the Mediterranean, because the season lasts much longer than usual for a family holiday in Turkey. So, by the end of April, the average daytime temperatures rising to 23-25 degrees, and the water warms up to 20 degrees and above. The most comfortable for families with children are considered to be may, June and September. But in July and August the temperature can climb above 30 degrees, so if you or your child can not tolerate the heat, the trip for better opportunities to migrate.

When choosing a specific place to stay should consider some important nuances. For example, if you are planning a trip with a small child, it is not necessary to consider leisure hotels located in the resort of Ayia NAPA: it is famous for its youth entertainment and discos that can interfere with your rest. Considering that the place of residence Paphos is very carefully examine the nature of the beach adjacent to the selected hotel – some of the beaches in the city and its surroundings are pebbly or are not too comfortable entry into the water.

But the beaches of Protaras and Limassol is mostly sandy, with a convenient sloping entrance into the water, so it is these places often recommended for families with children. At the same time, these resorts are quite peaceful and quiet, but have the developed infrastructure necessary for families with kids: there are hotels, oriented on a family holiday, most restaurants and cafes offer children's menu, and in large supermarkets you can buy almost everything that you may need your child – diapers, baby food, baby cosmetics and more. In addition, the biggest advantage of the resorts of Cyprus from the point of view of families with children is the presence of interesting objects in almost every major city. For example, in Protaras you can visit the largest aquarium and admire the fountain show, and in Paphos there is a great zoo, water Park and amusement Park. If you come for a long time and managed to thoroughly explore the attractions of the city where is located your hotel, you can rent a car and go on a fascinating journey through the neighboring resorts: because the distance between nearby cities is rarely more than 100 kilometers. published


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