If we do not manage children, they begin to control us

Managing child — mandatory thingThe family is a small group and this small group run by parents. More precisely, the need to manage parents, because in fact it doesn't always happen. "What am I to do with them, they don't listen to me!"for many parents, especially mothers and grandmothers, really hard with children as any reasonably managed. But if we don't manage the children, they begin to control us...

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Managing the child — adult's ability to purposefully influence the child's behavior in a particular situation. Unlike education, shaping personality in General management solves operational issues "here and now".

A mom who yells to the child, "go home!"is not busy raising the child, she needs only that the child gets from the game and made it home.

The education of a child we do not always have time and effort, but simple management of the child is necessary. At least, if the child needs dental treatment — how to bring it to the dentist?

The elementary handling child — mandatory for an adult, at least to protect the child from danger. When a child runs onto the road with heavy traffic, it is necessary to return to the sidewalk. Similarly, the clear objective is to ensure that the child was not able with impunity to behave in a particular situation. Unfortunately, parents are not always able to do it.

If the Pope is trying to say something to the daughter, and the daughter curls face and shrugs off his hand — dad in this situation are not able to control anything. He's here — no.

The child was reared, his early education and parallel education do educate: manageable, amenable to education. A well brought up child is an obedient child, it is important that obedience was aimed at developing the child's confidence, self-reliance and ability to live among people. Encourage your child to listen to you and obey you need it and is helpful for the child.

Different parents have their vision can and should be achieved from the child order what you need from that vision will largely depend on the used methods and techniques. Any technology is based on a certain vision of the nature of the child and the parent task. Someone of the parents thinks is right more often appeal to the emotions, some to reason, someone decides issues of training, working at the level of the body.

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The methods and techniques of child management are highly dependent on the manageability of the child, attitudes and motivation of parents, the requirements of a specific situation. In liberal education, is more often used method is well directed freedom, in discipline of the user and the system of reinforcements.

As such, the management of the child acquires a simple form: if a child does not do what you need, we give him instructions. If he does, what need we give him support. And that's all. If this system is to establish relationships with children become really very simple and it's that simplicity that characterizes the best solutions.

Indeed, instruction is one of the natural and necessary elements in the communication between parents and children. Simple and clear instructions needed in relations with a small child who doesn't understand complex things and intricate applications; clear instructions will be very helpful when the child with your help mastering any new business, or at least the first time doing a hard exercise from homework; firm instructions are given to the parents of the child when the child tries not to obey parents until they turn to him softly. published 

Author: Nikolay Kozlov

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