The gorgeous beaches of the Seychelles

Large or small — each of the beaches in the Seychelles can easily be called a tropical jewel, tempting as honeymooners and wealthy holidaymakers and lovers of the exotic, wishing to escape their everyday life to the amazing beauty of the tropics. The numerous Seychelles Islands have an impeccable summer hospitality with plenty of exotic country houses and large busy resorts. Add to that the countless beach activities, and you get a clear picture of the upcoming holiday in this remote area of the ocean. From Canoeing to snorkeling under the turquoise waves or sunbathing on the comfortable white sandy beach — Seychelles can offer a lot. But if You want to experience their true charm in the form of continuous blue ocean horizons, warm clear waters and secluded beaches — carefully review this list. Photoblog brings together the Best 10 beaches of Seychelles. It is possible that after viewing You decide to spend your vacation in this Paradise corner of the world.

Beach La Digue La Digue is one of the smallest but the most populated and beautiful Islands of the Seychelles archipelago. This unique combination offers excellent opportunities for recreation. It's easy to book exotic hotel room, and spend all day lying on the beach. Between the only village of La Digue and two white-sand beaches along the opposite shore of the island just a few miles away. When You get there, you will immediately want to dive into the refreshingly beautiful dark shade of a palm tree to absorb the smell of the ocean and gorgeous sun. Beach of La Digue is a wonderful place where you can easily spend the whole day.


Anse A La Mouche

Anse A La Mouche, framed perfectly clear turquoise water of vast Bay of the same name. This is one of the most famous and attractive destinations for relaxing in the sun in the Seychelles. Huge beach can accommodate everyone where they will find a place for your taste and mood. The best option would be to get under the giant green palm tree, surrounded by giant rocks and large boulders near the water. The whole atmosphere here promotes natural therapy of relaxation and Zen. Add the endless blue horizon of ocean, colorful fishing boats and the calm waters of the Bay, and You want so that you can enjoy the sunset, Anse A La Mouche.


Beach of Anse Cocos Anse Cocos — another beautiful little slice of white sandy Paradise, located next to two main beaches on the island of La Digue. Anse Cocos is only available through the lush green jungle of the island. As soon as You get out from the dense refreshing shade of the palm trees — just open blue horizon of the ocean and one of the best isolated beaches in the Seychelles. Anse Cocos is so remote and hidden from prying eyes, which creates a heavenly picture. The gentle sound of waves on the one hand, the smooth rustle of palm leaves from a small breeze from the other side and slowly drifting shapeless clouds in the azure sky — this beach will impress You with its beauty. ANS the Coconut is also dotted with numerous huge rocks with strange shape that makes the landscape more heavenly.


Beach Vallon Bay Beach Coves Vallon stretches along most of the North-West coast of Mahe island a few kilometers from Victoria city. This is a unique and easily accessible location makes the beach the main attraction of the island, where you can relax and unwind. Many indigenous communities live here, surrounded by amazing nature with lush green vegetation surrounding the beach. Slightly elevated location opens a flawless panoramic view from all sides. You can walk, swim, boat, sunbathe, dive right next to Your Villa or the panoramic terrace of the hotel.


Anse Boileau Anse Boileau — another Paradise Bay along the South-Western side of Mahe island. The Bay has a long beach that is interrupted by several tall palm trees, lush bushes, rivers and trails. Here you can find a really amazing sights, and experience the true meaning of isolation. This feeling is even more emphasized by the types of dramatic mountain hills over 300 metres in height, dotting the outskirts of the village of Anse Boileau. Imagine the prospects in the sunset when everything around is illuminated by the bright Golden fire. Here reigns the silence and tranquility, and tourists are much less than in the big bustling resort cities.


Anse Forbans Stunning tropical beaches in the Seychelles are endless, and yet another incredible addition to this list is the Anse forbans Beach. He frames the Southeast coast of the main island of Mahe, and is located within walking distance from the panoramic coastal road with many amenities and housing. The benefits of civilization only cover half the beach, while the other half is absolutely pristine, with bushy trails, winding between the trunks of huge palm trees where you can be alone with the sea and white sand.


Anse Intendans In the Western part of the Seychelles is amazing Anse Intendans, which has all the exotic modern comforts to make Your holiday unforgettable. A number of small private cottages and houses dot the coastline covered in lush green palms and other tropical vegetation. Each house has its own unique private beach where you can retreat with your family and friends. Many people choose this Paradise to have a private party on your own private beach.


Beach Marie-Louise Beach Marie-Louise stretched along the South side of the second largest island of the Seychelles. It's quite extraordinary the beach, thanks to its dark sand, but there are several sections of Golden sand. Anse Marie-Louise is completely remote from civilization and isolated divine beaches. A small winding path leads next to this beautiful coastal area where you can walk for hours and not meet a single person. In addition, due to the remoteness and isolation — even in the midst of the season you can find an absolutely secluded area of the beach.


Anse Georgette In the Northern part of Praslin Island, You may encounter a small but beautiful beach of Anse Georgette. This is a great place to spend a beautiful day enjoying the sound of the waves and the greenery of the jungle. Meanwhile, directly behind the beach is a huge green area of a Golf course, and numerous rocks surround the beach Georgette with other parties.


Anse Lazio, Which may be better for a romantic holiday than a remote white sandy beach that is isolated big rocks and dense green jungle? Such paintings in the Seychelles are waiting for You all the time. If You expect a flawless romantic vacation on the Island of Praslin — choose Anse Lazio beach. This is the most beautiful beach along the Northern coast of the island. The views here are breathtaking, especially at sunset, when the gold fever fills a huge rock.




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