The most unusual beaches (41 photos)

Very interesting and informative story about the unusual beaches of our planet.

Punaluu Beach - volcanic earth Hawaiian beach Punaluu popular with tourists because of its unusual black sand. The reason for this is the color of volcanic islands and, accordingly, of the sand. But love this beach is not only tourists, but also marine inhabitants, here one can often see green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles that crawl soak up the sun. Swim here is almost impossible, the fact that the beach is strewn with pointed stones, and the water is cold all year round due to freshwater springs.

Hyams Beach - white sand beach Hyams Beach, located in the Bay of Jarvis, Australia, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the beach with the white sand on the ground. It is said that he found himself at Hyams Beach, it seems as if there is snow or around untold reserves of shallow salt. Also this is the most fine-grained sand in the world and is more like a flour and photos beach - paradise island "Bounty».


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