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While the speed of travel continues to grow, good to know that there is (and always will) the places that can be reached only by water. I grew up in Georgia, and I was always amazed how easy it is to be in the boat, looking at the river bank or walk over the bridge (as opposed to sitting in the car on the bridge in a traffic jam), this gives you a completely different view of the world. It is in this spirit that I have collected the following photos of the places on the water, you have to see. Most of them are cut off in the sense that you can not get access to them in any way, except for the boat.

Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica

I rafted the Pacuare in early 2000, when it was under threat of flooding due to construction of the proposed hydroelectric plant. In subsequent years, the river, though, was safe from flooding, but no one knows when there will be new proposals. Since river canyons illustrate the concept of "out of sight, out of mind", they are particularly vulnerable to environmental legislation / energy policy, which can only rely on small public protest. Only those few indigenous people who live near and rely on a clean, unobstructed river for survival, and / or those who work in the tourism industry and helps to develop new local economy in the region, in fact, never even see these places and care them. With warm water and a large, cheerful, but not particularly difficult rapids, Pacuare River is a classic for rafting, and the only way to get access to some almost impassable areas of the cloud forest.

Marine Reserve Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve, North Island, New Zealand

Marine Reserve Te Whanganui-A-Hei (also known as the Catherdral Cove) is named after the large sea cave that connects the bay to bay Leg Cathedral. The reserve also includes bays Gemstone and Stingray. Despite the fact that there are hiking trails on the northern end of Hahei Beach, Hahei between the top and the Gulf of Gemstone, the only way to really explore the area - take a sea kayak.

Average tributary Salmon, Idaho

Average tributary Salmon is one of the classic routes for boating in the US and crosses the region's largest off-road. Its length is more than 160 miles, and is usually divided into the journey 5 days; it passes through the deep canyons with more than 100 rapids, 60 of which belong to the class III and IV and took place in the early days. Particularly notable are the numerous natural hot springs along the river banks.

Charles Darwin Station, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands


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