Museum of Harry Potter in London

In the London suburb of Watford, where is the studio Warner Bros. Studio, nestled museum where sets and props used in the filming of the entire saga of Harry Potter.

Entrance to the museum Harry Potter

Before the studio can be reached by bus firm. The fare is 30 YTL

All visitors are given a gadget with an electronic card and speaking guide. There is a Russian voice

The famous three-story purple bus "Night Knight»

Cabinet of Professor Albus Dumbledore

Gateway to Hogwarts

The room boys. Comfortably utterly!

Picture gallery with thumbnails of the future of the characters and buildings. And drawings to create models of buildings. All of this will be built, and the museum will grow

Throughout the exhibition here and there placed the future projects of huge buildings

The room under the stairs. Soft light and lures to dive into the little world of peace Harry

Diagon Alley. It really is in London

Ice sculpture of drinks with Rozhdestvenno waltz from the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire»

Living in Gryffindor Tower

The pendulum clock from Hogwarts' Prisoner of Azkaban »

Gift shop, located at the rear entrance to the museum. Here you can buy a Nimbus 2000 and a lot of things!

Chess pieces from the series "The Philosopher's Stone»

All the paintings in the castle of Hogwarts were painted by famous artists, animators and then gave them vividness

In the school cafeteria are mannequins dressed in four faculties

Rosy room of Dolores Umbridge

The main hall of the museum

The cost of an adult ticket - £ 30.00, children - £ 22.50

Gargoyle guarding the door to the office of Professor Dumbledore, and opens the door after the pronunciation correct password

The door to the Chamber of Secrets

House number 4 of Privet Drive - the house in which the adoptive parents raised Harry Potter

House Weasley - "Nora". Later he became a second home to Harry Potter. There are a lot of items, each of which has its own properties, you can popolzovatsja, porassmatrivat, pick up. And even to wave magic wands, test, whose magic more

The school canteen

Tombstone grave of Tom Riddle

The exhibition, dedicated to all filmmakers to shoot different parts of this tale

Leaky Cauldron

Creature Effects department - Pavilion, where sculptures are placed throughout the work of evil spirits from the movies. For example, the head of Medusa, mermaids

The brightest diorama exhibition - Hogwarts Castle model to scale 1:24.

On the creation of the model worked almost 100 technicians and designers. It was rebuilt several times, eventually to the final form of the castle corresponded to what appeared in the last series. Detailing is so specific, that's amazing. The doors and windows are opened inside the castle lights go around the installed light sources and the light changes every four minutes, so that the audience can behold like a night and day lock.

Buckbeak statue

Warehouse magic potions and dean of the faculty room Slytherin Potions Professor Severus Snape

Stand on the design of costumes and wigs

Teleportation fireplaces in the Ministry of Magic

Magic Wands are each in its own box

But the names they are not characters in the film, and all those who worked on its creation. A trained worker can tell you about every (!) Man: to present his biography, the facts of working life.

Having bought a wand, you can play the wizard

Here you can read how to fly on a broomstick. Probably, and you can fly


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