Harry Potter

June 18, 2010 in Florida (USA) will be the "School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts." Earn hotel "Three Broomsticks" shop "Honeydukes" and other quaint shops in the village of Hogsmeade. Everything is exactly the way, as in the Harry Potter films. Now, even the non-magical visitors will be allowed to look into Harry Potter (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) - opens a new attraction at an amusement park on the island of Orlando (Universal Orlando's Islands). There's a fairy tale come to life and the strange school where learning is the most famous boy wizard.


All Potteriana fans, look forward to this day, can finally look into the Gryffindor common room, Harry flying on a broomstick or enjoy butterbeer at the inn "Hog's Head" and they will not be disappointed.





Theme Park was created through close collaboration of designers who participated in the filming of Harry Potter. The scale of the project and the attention to detail is simply amazing. Starting with small trinkets in the director's office of Albus Dumbledore in the castle, to the boxes with the magic wand on display in the store Ollivander. According to the book it is located in Diagon Alley, but in the park moved to Hogsmeade with permission from Rowling. "In the film, it was well thought out, so I decided to do exactly in reality," - said Alan Gilmore (Alan Gilmore), who helped create the backdrop for the film adaptation of three parts Potteriana, and later joined the creative team amusement park. "I am very picky about the details, so I'm not behind the guys until they have done everything perfectly." In addition, the project developers have made several trips to Scotland to consult with trusted people Rowling. Representatives of the writer claimed everything - from products that will be exhibited in the windows of shops in Hogsmeade, to recipes Butterbeer and pumpkin juice, which will be submitted to the "Three Broomsticks" and "Hog's Head" (Incidentally, both extremely tasty beverage.). Harry Potter is within a huge amusement park on the island of Orlando, so that visitors can easily and get additional charge of the section "The Lost Continent" right in the village of Hogsmeade, with its steep snow-covered roofs and curved, covered with soot chimneys. And next to the train station and the Hogwarts Express chugs. Fans recent Harry Potter films will recognize this place.



Ancient castle of Hogwarts, what actually is the "School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," towers above the village, luring visitors into the center of attraction, which is a circular screen angle (360 degrees) with a demonstration of incredibly realistic video, creating the illusion of flight with Harry and his friends -volshebnikami Ron and Hermione.


Believe it or not, but the expectation of flight in the queue - it's called "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" - is half the fun. Visitors first pass through the castle's dungeon to greenhouses filled with mandrake. Then through the corridor leading to the gallery of portraits where talk and move from painting to painting whimsical characters from the past Hogwarts.


From there, visitors get to Dumbledore's office. There's Director-General welcomes Muggles - non-caster people - for the first time to visit the castle. While Dumbledore is on the screen, creating the illusion that it really is in the room. Next is the class of "Defense Against the Dark Arts", where Harry, Ron and Hermione - actors from the movie will appear on the screen - the delay group and offer an interesting adventure. Gryffindor common room - one of the last stops before the flight. It includes meetings with rattlesnakes Willow, difficult escape from a dragon and a Quidditch match.



Tour and flight designed for about an hour, but you can delay the prolonged turn. In addition to the "Forbidden journey" on the 20-acre site of Harry Potter attraction are two roller coasters for adrenaline lovers. And, of course, in Hogsmeade every witch and wizard everyone regardless of age, will be able to make a successful purchase.


Officially opening date was announced on June 18, but the attraction will be open from May 28 for those guests who bought a special tour of Harry Potter. (Tours in the early days of the opening may already be sold out). Those interested can order tickets for the tour, which costs up to 2000 green for 5 days and stay in a five star hotel. Buy, buy, and do not forget about the visa.

Photos and videos of the park during construction:






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