What happens to the psyche of children when pupils read Harry Potter

Studies show that children who grew up on the stories about Harry Potter, become more tolerant. And to a lesser extent influenced by prejudice.

The greatest feat of Harry Potter, perhaps, is not the victory over Voledmort, and that it teaches children and adolescents tolerance and combating prejudice. As reported in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, children who grew up on stories about the young wizard, are more tolerable to the populations, who are usually stigmatized, migrants and refugees.

The publication refers to three studies. In the first experiment, 34 Italian fifth graders read books about Harry Potter for six weeks. After that, they completed questionnaires designed to assess their level of tolerance. It turned out that these 34 children much better attitude towards immigrants than their classmates who did not participate in the experiment.

Another study concerned 117 Italian high school students. It turned out that those, whose idol in the early grades was Potter in General is much more tolerant of homosexuals.

A third similar study was conducted among school children in the UK. It turned out that no hostility from those who empathized with the Potter, to the refugees there. At the same time, students who associate themselves with Voldemort, in General, are better for the refugees than their classmates, do not read this legendary book.

Overall, all three studies confirm that readers of the book about the wizard glasses better than the rest belong to the marginalized groups. Therefore, the books with stories about Harry Potter, some even offer to include in the school curriculum — it would be a good inoculation against fanaticism and adherence to stereotypes.

Overall, these experiments show that the transmission of messages about the need for tolerance through literature is a very effective way to deal with teenage aggression in schools. Therefore, if your child is a fan of Potter, you need not worry, but rejoice.



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