28 little-known facts about the filming of "Harry Potter"

This Diagon Alley. On the creation of this street artists inspired books of Charles Dickens.

Warner Brothers spent 10 years at the studio Leavesden, removing the eight Harry Potter films. For the filming were used five pavilions. When studios were established Department for the animals, the Department of fantastical creatures, the department of visual and special effects, and so on.

Recently, journalists have visited all the studio, photographed everything that could find interesting things and found out all the secrets. Here they are:



During the festival in the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" tables groaning with hot sweets. Most of the goodies sdelaliiz painted resin, but also edible was enough to crew could indulge themselves.



Room Harry in Gryffindor varies from film to film. Artists filled her little things that were like the character - Sport posters, for example, and the prize for winning the competition. Only the bed remained unchanged. By the end of filming the last movie Daniel Radcliffe and the other boys had grown up to curl up - to legs not stuck.


The filmmakers have come up to Dumbledore's office intricate design: for hundreds of donated books for the film made leather covers, to the wall of 48 portraits of "the former directors of Hogwarts." Cabinet where Dumbledore showed Harry his memories, was decorated with more than 800 tiny puzyrёchkov, each of which was hand-made label.


Potions class really grew in size from film to film. Producers had to expand the framework to accommodate new details in a class. Hundreds of glass bottles filled with what they could - from the pen to the guts and bones razdobytyh from local butchers.


To Hadrid looked giant, the producers found it understudy growth of 210 cm. In addition, Hagrid's hut, too, there were two. One more, against which Harry and company seemed "normal" size, the other less - close to where Hagrid looked huge.


Hagrid Mask


Diagon Alley, where Harry got his wand, from film to film changed. It was built "based on" works of Charles Dickens in view of the descriptions given in the Harry Potter books.


Animals during the shooting involved a specially created team of specialists. They trained all the animals that appear in all eight films. Harry's owl named Hedwig played four different birds, each of which has trained its own special tricks. The role of a rat named Scabbers performed a dozen rodents. Sweethearts Hermione Krukshanksa played four cats, a mastiff Hagrid Fang - as many as nine dogs.


To his parents' house Ron Weasley looked untidy, no wall was not set at the correct angle.


The game of Quidditch - the result of joint work of the teams involved in special effects and visual effects. Brooms were hung on a background of green screen, which is the visual effects team later replaced by the digital image. Ball (snitch) the wing was created several versions, but eventually settled on the golden version.


To store all the props, which was used during the filming of "Harry Potter", it took five large warehouses. It consisted of 5 thousand pieces of furniture, 12 thousand handmade books, 25,000 printed pages of the magazine "Meany" and 40 thousand goods store Weasley "All sorts of magical vredilki».


The height of the Goblet of Fire - more than one and a half meters, it served as the material for the elm, all made by hand carving.


In filming the escape of Harry and Ron in the "secret room" were involved 18 vehicles.


For the filming of scenes with moving staircases of Hogwarts has been used a real staircase and a small model of the set of stairs. The actors were shot on this one moving stairs, the rest were added at the end of filming.


Moving portraits - a mix of fragments of real paintings and green screens, which were later replaced with the moving image. In the portraits depicted all filmmakers who have worked behind the scenes.


The Ministry of Magic was huge - hundreds of extras needed to fill all the space of life. I had to connect and film crew.


In one of the films Harry is sent to the Ministry of Magic and finds a hundred balls for predictions. For this scene designers made 15 thousand luminous balls. But the studio decided that the whole scene will be drawn on the computer and the real physical balls and not useful. Now they are shown to tourists.


During the filming of the first film flying candle in the hall were hundreds of these hanging on ropes candles. Then the rope was removed using a computer. However, as is often the spark burned through the rope and fell to the tables, in all subsequent films, it was decided to add a candle with a computer.


Monument "Magic - is power" of crushed Muggles, which decorated the hall of the Ministry of after coming to power, Voldemort made of foam and painted by hand.


The evil Dolores Umbridge always wore a pink, and her office at the Ministry of Magic was also pink. The walls are decorated with decorative plates cats. Not only are drawn cats. The creators have made several portraits of the cat, and then added them on the computer in the painted interior.


As soon as in the hands of the authorities to focus more Umbridge, her pink outfits became more saturated.


Some things had to be created almost completely - from head to toe. The actor, who played the goblins of Gringotts Bank, had to spend hours to wear masks.


Such characters as an elf Dobby were created in parts. These fragments are removed individually, and then a team of visual effects make the digital version of the character.


The life of each character starts with a sketch. This, for example, sketch Dobby.


In addition, it created a number of monsters that move by means of special mechanisms. In order to set in motion this gigantic spider needed not only a mechanism, but also the efforts of about 100 people.


Voldemort's face was half human, half digital. Makeup artist covered the face of the actor Ralph Fiennes temporary tattoos, which depicted a vein, insert contact lenses stuck fake eyebrows, nails and teeth. The team is responsible for the digital effects on the artist replaced the nose snake-like slits.


In order to remove the general plan of Hogwarts, the artists built a model of the castle in the scale of 1:24. The basis was taken from a sketch of working on a film designer Stuart Craig. The model is the size of a large room used for its manufacture a real stone, and these plants to the surrounding landscape. This building was attended by 86 artists. All the details of the model - courtyards, towers, golf many times appear in the film.


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