Harry Potter And what annoys me

Like, today the prime minister of the last Harry Potter movie? I usually do about it do not tell anyone, but I've watched every episode twice. But not in cinemas, of course, at home, and solely for the sake of common development. That's the last series I do not plan to go, so do not know, I'll write something about it or not. But you do not get bored, here's a small top of things and phenomena, which annoy me in the "potteriane." There's certainly nothing wrong, but, ultimately, it is because of such trifles, I never struggled for these films in cinemas.

And I have no doubt that any average fans of JK Rawlings there exists for me a bunch of responses and arguments explaining quotations from books. So, watch out power, I do not need. I do not write about books, but about the movie. And this is sort of like different things. Well, wanting to tell me that the "Harry Potter" is, in fact, children's fairy tale and do not treat it as seriously, too ask not to worry.

One of the funniest moments in the entire "potterianu" for me - this is when the "Chamber of Secrets" Hogwarts wanted to close because it was not safe place for students. Think about it - "became Hogwarts is not safe!". That is, the study of dangerous spells and potions, predatory rattling Willow courtyard, carnivorous spiders in the woods across the road, a giant three-headed dogs in the school building, the invitation Dementors as guards, fights with dragons - it is in order, it is safe. No, seriously, if the existence of Hogwarts depended on how secure the students there, he would not last a year. And generally, in my opinion, the only reason for which parents can voluntarily send their child to study in this place - they wish him a cruel and painful death. [Next]

"Muggles" - so contemptuous of the world wizards "Harry Potter" called us, ordinary people. Even Harry Potter so we called. And I fucking do not like it. Of course, I do not know how to conjure and to talk to snakes, but I see no reasons why I should refer to as the lower classes. And I do not understand why the authors of the "Harry Potter" allow characters speak like that about, for a moment, his audience. In the movie, do not go sorcerers and ordinary people, which, by the way, "potteriane" not at all. Not counting, of course, hellish nightmare as the Dursleys. But a couple of adequate personazhey- "Muggles" could I reconcile with this situation. But, alas. And as if we are not worried about Harry Potter and his friends, for them, we - being second-class citizens.

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff - four different faculty of Hogwarts. Some are considered more prestigious, others - less. Everyone - our mascot, colors and coat of arms. And yet - no difference in training. Moreover, the students of different faculties are present at the same classroom at the same time. That is, in ordinary schools, faculties represent the division of students on a specialty. At Hogwarts departments only need to, through constant competition, plant hatred between students, and later - and the older wizards. And that puzzles me the most, all in the magical world of Harry Potter know that 90 per cent of the evil magicians are graduates of Slytherin, but no one even tries to cover up this shop. Guide Hogwarts continues to collect all potential sociopaths, racists and murderers in one pile, allowing the Slytherin exist with all its traditions, to yield another batch of Voldemort.

Hogwarts - a school of magic. But many people forget that it is generally the only school in the young wizards who walk according to the "Harry Potter". And we have almost every movie watch as characters teach Transfiguration, Potions, protection against the dark forces of magic and other Labuda. But we never found the heroes of the study of the English language, literature, history, geography or algebra. That, in a magical world of the ordinary "Muggle" science can not feed? But it explains why the art of magic is so difficult given - if you can only read by syllables, and count - on the fingers, the study of a thick tomes with spells and mix potions in the right proportions will be not easy for you to test.

It is grotesque foster family Harry Potter, especially ridiculous looking at the background of recent more darker, more realistic movie. Harry did not hesitate to agree to cohabit with fugitive werewolf, just not live with them. I assume that there was an attempt to create the same effect as in "Cinderella", underlines the positivity of the main character, but it is very cheap technique, and it is implemented here is very bad. Worse only Bёrtonovskom "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." And, guys, we're not in "Cinderella", the Dursleys live in modern England. And at the same time forcing the child to live in a kennel under the stairs, and do all the housework. Why is no one called the Child Protective Services?

But even accept the existence of the family, I still can not understand why Harry repeatedly returned to them ??? By the beginning of the first film he spent with them 10 years of hell, barely washed away from them riding on Hagrede, but then came back. In the second film, he had to steal a flying car, pulling out the bars on the window. And even then, Harry returns. In the third, he walks away from the Dursleys, proudly slamming the door, with all belongings, threatening violence and making some relative to the balloon. And what do you think? Anyway, coming back, and they take it all continue to behave as before. Harry etit your left, so you take off an apartment as well? For the money that you have left the parents, you can buy a mansion Playboy. What kind of masochism in the end?

Yes, I am fed up with the concept of "Favorites." It is not that these films has recently become a dohrena. I personally much more impressed by the characters, who get everything, but hard work, overcoming difficulties. But not those who are better than others by default. Because they say, "favorites." In "Harry Potter" also recently rushing from everywhere.

How much would you have not studied the science and magic, would sit behind books - Harry Potter everything will go much better, even if the school year, he chased basilisks. Just because he - "The Boy Who Lived." You decade playing Quidditch, and consider yourself a master? Do not flatter yourself, three days ago, is stranded on a broom Harry Potter will make you in the first round. Just because he - "The Boy Who Lived." You will attend all classes, some behaved and engaged in social activities for the benefit of Hogwarts, and therefore entitled to the favor of the director and staff, is not it? No not like this. Because there is Harry Potter, and it is, by default, the beloved disciple, and Dumbledore Hagreda. Just because he - "The boy who survived».

On the one hand, it's a win-win concept, as a spectator, associating himself with the hero (ie - a children's audience), too, as it gets all these buns. And who does not feel like the most-most? But on the other - very weak morality out: to achieve something in life, you do not have to do anything. Just sit and wait. If you are elected - that all the bonuses you bummer themselves. But if not - alas, even rock the boat does not make sense. Because the level of "selected" you still can not reach.

So this is exactly puzzles me. As for religion, in general, "potteriane" this issue wisely not affected. But, nevertheless, the characters celebrate Christmas - with all the attributes, such as Christmas trees and gifts. What clearly alludes to the fact that in the magical world of Harry Potter, Christianity plays a big role. On the one hand, it is logical, because the action takes place is not somewhere in Middle Earth, and in England, and this is a Christian country. But then, if taught at Hogwarts history, magicians and wizards would know that not so long ago (Hogwarts at that time already existed) Christian church were burned tens of thousands of people. Guess what? That's right - for witchcraft. As the world of magicians managed to ignore this situation?

But even the hell with it, with the Inquisition. My mind just does not fit the essence. The magic, mermaids, dragons, basilisks, talking snakes and giant spiders, hippogriffs, time travel, live pictures, ghosts, resurrected villains, Dementors, Death, to walk on the ground and distributes gifts - as everything can coexist with faith in Jesus Christ, apostles bible and stuff ???

In fact, our world and the world of magicians in the "Harry Potter" - not two different realities, but one. We are like neighbors, share a living space. Next to the usual quarters lie different slanting streets, the streets of London dissect fairy omnibuses, and hidden beneath the streets of the Ministry of Magic. Just ordinary people can not see what is hidden magic (although for me remains a mystery how the movement is controlled by magical animals). However, I am always puzzled by the extent to which our two worlds do not interact with each other. Moreover, the farther into the forest, the fewer characters do remember that in addition to Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the Ministry actually exists and the rest of the planet Earth.

Such close proximity involves constant interaction - even Hogwarts characters go though with a magic platform, but with a completely normal station. The world of magicians, is, of course, closed community, but it is not a sect of the Amish, it is not concentrated in one place, and dispersed throughout the world, and ordinary people, obviously, much more. So the wizards have to constantly deal with the "Muggles" and their way of life. It seems strange behavior, for example, the Ministry of Magic employee of the department for "muggles" who does not know how to use galoshes or a turnstile in the subway.

I can understand why in our world there is nothing magic, we do not know about the world of magicians, but why in the world of magicians nothing of our world? Why is there no one uses mp3-players, mobile phones or computers? Seriously, sometimes the characters behave as if in addition to magic in the world and there is nothing else. Shuttlecock da Morte knocked down in search of the only magic wand that could "overcome" the magic wand of Harry Potter, but a Kalashnikov devastated least half horn even before Harry had time to utter "Ekspelearmus».

By the way, this movie I'd gone to the movies, yes.

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