20 iconic films that could be played by other actors

There are such films, the role in which try Paul Hollywood. And there are movies that no one popular actors, and he then hits record on rental and Oscars.

We at the Website decided to dream up how it would look like a popular movie, play in them, the actors who were originally invited for the role or wanted to take part in them.

Jim Carrey in the role of Jack Sparrow in "pirates of the Caribbean"

Jim Carrey refused to participate in the "Pirates" in favor of the Comedy "Bruce Almighty." What Jack Sparrow would have created the Jim we can only guess. In any case, it would be quite interesting.

Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of Frodo "Lord of the Rings"

Jake Gyllenhaal with great hope auditioned for the role of hobbit Frodo. But he not only failed miserably sample, but also received from the Director of Peter Jackson the title of worst actor in the history of cinema. Gyllenhaal not discouraged and continued his career in other projects, and, as we know, have made no less successful than Elijah wood, who eventually played the famous hobbits.

Liam Aiken in the role of Harry Potter "Harry Potter"

Already an experienced actor to its 10 years, Liam has successfully passed the tests, having been pleasant to everyone except J. K. Rowling. The fact that she set a condition: all the actors of Harry Potter have to be of British origin. Just Liam was unlucky to be born in the United States.

Nicolas cage in the role of Joel Barish "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

The main male role in the film "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" showed considerable interest Nicolas cage, but in the end, the producers made a choice in favor of Jim Carrey, probably, solely in order to raise more cash, as at that time Jim was a popular cage.

Matthew McConaughey in the role of Jack on "Titanic"

Matthew McConaughey has been asked to perform the role of the artist Jack long before DiCaprio. However, according to Director James Cameron, he said that the character he appears to be completely uninteresting and unsolved, and stopped communicating. One of them later regretted, not even worth guessing.

Tim Roth in the role of Professor Snape from "Harry Potter"

Tim Roth almost was approved for the role of Professor of potions, staged as a film crew and Rowling. But at the last moment abandoned the project in favor of the film "planet of the apes" by Tim Burton. And the winner in all senses was a great Alan Rickman.

Freddie Prinze in the role of Peter Parker "spider-Man"

Freddie Prinze Jr. was considered as one of candidates for the role of Peter Parker. Charming would come out a hero. But the creators approved of Toby Maguire.

Tom Felton in the role of Ron "Harry Potter"

Now quite hard to imagine, but Tom Felton, who once admitted the best on-screen villain, first auditioned for the role of the Potter, then at Ron Weasley, but was eventually approved as Draco Malfoy.

Hugh Grant in the role of Zlatoust Lockhart ' s "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets"

Hugh Grant was perfect for this role. He was already approved, but due to the busy schedule he had to give up the character that was written as if specially for him.

VIN Diesel in the role of Aragorn in "Lord of the Rings"

VIN Diesel wanted to play Aragorn. Peter Jackson praised his game, but still found that Diesel does not very much like the image on Aragorn. I think it is the right decision.

Tom cruise in the role of Professor Nash's "beautiful mind"

The creators considered for the lead role of Tom cruise, but in the end decided that the image of the mathematical genius, suffering from hallucinations, more suitable type of Russell Crowe. It was probably a very good decision.

Eddie Redmayne in the role of Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy

The new bright star of today's Hollywood — Eddie Redmayne — auditioned for the role of Peter quill, but apparently was not sufficiently brutal for the role Star Lord. But lucky in the end to Chris Pratt.

Robin Williams in the role of Hagrid "Harry Potter"

Robin Williams also successfully auditioned for the role of everyone's favorite giant Rubeus Hagrid. Prevented him from also country of birth.

Britney Spears in the role of Allie Calhoun of "the notebook"

Britney Spears has been viewed to be the lead, but in the end, and fortunately the producers choice fell on Rachel McAdams.

Tom cruise in the role of Tony stark in "Iron man"

Tom cruise was the only contender for the lead role — the creators did not even consider other options. But the actor himself felt that his character was pretty boring and the script is somehow weak. I think nobody regrets that in the end, Iron man was played by the gorgeous Robert Downey Junior.

Nicholas hoult in the role of newt Salamander "Fantastic beasts and where they live"

More than a month there were various rumors about the casting for the main male role in the film "Fantastic beasts and where they live". Everything was shrouded in mystery, until it became clear that the creators chose two main candidates — well-known actors Eddie Redmayne and Nicholas Holt. Lucky Redmayne.

Liv Tyler in the role of Matilda in "Leon"

It is now difficult to imagine as a small assistant killer anyone but Natalie Portman. However, the first candidate for the role of Matilda was a 17-year-old Liv Tyler. But in the end it was considered too adult for this role, giving her Portman, which came to audition a second time and finally convinced Luc Besson that to play this role needs she and she alone.

Hugh Jackman in the role of the driver "Drive"

Initially, the main role of the neo-Noir Thriller "Drive" was supposed to play Hugh Jackman. But the film was replaced by the Director and followed by many shifts and changes in the crew, including the protagonist, who was played in the end Ryan Gosling.

Nicole Kidman in the role of Mrs. Smith in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

For the role of Mrs. Smith planned Nicole Kidman. But she refused the role due to an overloaded schedule. Then brad pitt also left the film, believing it is unpromising. But returned after he learned that the role of agreed Angelina Jolie. Would now look like Hollywood life, Kidman had a little more time, we can only guess.

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