20 of the most interesting recent records from the Guinness World Records

This year, despite the fact that coming to an end only the third month, was delivered many world records. We'll tell you about the twenty most recent ones that were installed in the current and prior years.

Let's start with the most recent. Four days ago, the Romanian model Ema Dumitrescu put the world's longest bridal train. Its length was two kilometers and 779 meters of 90, 5 centimeters.

Former English cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff (right), along with his friend Steve Harmison floated on a water meter race bike in record quick time in the London Hyde Park.

German Kai Martin set a world speed record while running barefoot on the ice at a distance of 5 kilometers. Record time - 23 minutes 42, 16 seconds.

US First Lady, Michelle Obama, was complicit in the record on October 12 last year. Then, with her jumped more than 20 thousand people.

December 16, 2011 Jyoti Amge of India celebrated its eighteenth birthday and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest woman in the world. Her height - 62, 8 inches.

Filipino Junro Balaving proved even less in the eighteen - 59, 93 centimeters.

Turkish Kurd Sultan Kosen is not only the tallest man in the world (2, 5 meters), but is considered the owner of the largest foot (36, 6 cm) and hands (28, 5 cm).

Dennis Schrader September 21 last year hit the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest collection of autographed baseballs. They had more than 4,600 pieces, and the collection itself is estimated at a minimum of $ 3 million.

In mid-October 2011, Adam Lee created the greatest figure of the balloons. The creation of a spider, it took him more than 3000 products.

26 people together in a BMW Mini last winter.

German Lutz Eyholts passed by 127 necks of bottles, total distance of 8 and 93 meters. The record was utanovlen September 23, 2011.

About 120 minutes Chinese Chen Kesa (left) and Chin Songhao spent in the snow. Record set in the third day of 2011.

Australian dog Abby Yuay set a record swim on a surfboard as much as 60 meters.

February 5 last year, the Belgian Stefan Engels in Barcelona completed his 365th marathon in 365 days.

Palestinian refugees set a world record for the number of kites, running simultaneously in the sky - more than 15 thousand. The action was dedicated to peace and on 28 August 2011.

Eighty-four Belgian wheelchair stretched more than a hundred meters cargo plane, weighed 67 tons, 29.05.2011.

Eighteen years raised their nails Chris Walton, to September 14 to fix the record - the total length of the nails on both hands almost 6 meters.

In Anaheim, California, the fans, "the Los Angeles Angels' Set country record. Came to the stadium more than forty thousand people in costumes, masks.

The world's largest smiley created 768 Croats in Zagreb, May 6, 2011.

Three days earlier, was recorded the world's longest cigar. Naturally, in the Cuban Havana. Its length is 43 meters and 38 centimeters.

It was the last record to date. Until next time.


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