Japanese woman Misao Okawa old woman named Earth

Guinness World Records has announced officially the oldest inhabitant of the planet is a Japanese woman Misao Okawa.
Age of the elderly woman in the world - 114 years and 359 days, it turns out that next Tuesday long-liver from Japan fulfilled already 115 years.

Misao Okawa became the oldest woman of the Earth after the January 12, 2013 died at the age of 115 years, 19 days the previous record holder, also Japanese Koto Okubo.

The oldest ever living women still Jeanne Calment of France, which failed to live up to 122 years and 164 days, she passed away August 4, 1997.

Some interesting facts from the biography of the current record-holder:

Misao Okawa (or Misao-san) was born on March 5, 1898 in the city of Osaka, he was married in 1919 for Yukio, who had his own business in Kobe. The couple were born three children - two daughters and a son, Hiroshi, who is now 90 years old.

After the death of her husband, who died at 36 years old, Misao Okawa moved to his native Osaka, where he lives and is now surrounded by his children, grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren 6.

In Japan, it lives in the present, more than 51 thousand centenarians, whose age is over 100 years old, 87% of them are women. The average duration of women in Japan - 85, 9 years.

The oldest person in the world is Jiroemon Kimura, a 115-year-old Japanese man who lives in Kyoto.

At the same time, recently it became known that the oldest inhabitant of Ukraine Kateryna Kozak noted the 116 anniversary, however, representatives of Guinness World Records has not yet celebrated her record.


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