Unique photos

Here is a selection of unique and rare historical frame of famous people and events, many of which have left a significant mark in the history of the world and humanity.

Messenger dog jumps over the German trenches, May 1917

Lecture Raska Medical College, Chicago, 1900

After tobacco shop "Dunhill" was destroyed by raiders, Alfred Dunhill, Jr. set a sign right in front of destroyed buildings and continued to sell the pipes 1942

Patented diving suit weighing 250 kg 1911

French airship «Clement-Bayard» in the garage 1917

Mother and son looking at the "mushroom" cloud formed as a result of nuclear tests, Las Vegas, 1953

The first computers Apple, Steve Jobs' room (when he still lived with his parents), 1976

Wilbur Wright on the plane, "Wilbur Wright Flyer", France 1909

Hitler respectfully bows and shakes hands with German President Paul von Hindenburg, March 1933

Reconstruction of the bridge Golden Gate Bridge, 1935

Illegal sale of alcohol on the streets of Berlin, May 1929

One of the earliest photographs of Abraham Lincoln 1840

The oldest inhabitant of the planet, a Japanese woman Misao Okawa, poses for a photo with her older sister, 1899

US soldiers watching boxing matches on board the ship on the way home from France in 1918

Source: sobadsogood.com


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