The cinema is increasingly moving away from the fantastic epics. Now producers switched to more living cinema, and within it is rightfully take the place of the biopic. However, take them off, often about interesting historical figures, but now living celebrities also not averse to light up on the screen.

Apparently wanted to get on the screens and Hillary Clinton, the series of which the customer was an American channel «NBC News». Filming stories about the wife of former US President, it was decided to lay on the shoulders of another channel of America - «CNN». But the Republican Party of the United States completely out of place and announced a boycott «NBC News», and «CNN», and as a possible consequence of this event, «21st Century Fox» refused to shoot the series conceived. In America, this news has learned a long time, especially since there were rumors about the failure has not even started filming. In Russia, the refusal to take a biographical series found only on 19 August. However, it is unknown whether anyone was upset about it.

We somehow just do not worry! It's already removed a lot of stunning biopic that accurately worth seeing.

1) Frida (2002)

This American-Canadian-Mexican creation is recognized as one of the best biographical films of recent years. Indeed, the creation of Julie Taymor with Salma Hayek in the title role did not leave anyone indifferent spectator. Powerful drama about the famous Mexican artist clearly teaches how to withstand the blows of fate and go through life with your head held high.
The film is really a lot of dramatic scenes, but he was not gloomy or too sad, he drives not depressed. On the contrary, it inspires confidence in their own abilities and encourages moving forward.

2) Pretty In Pink (2007)

In my opinion, modern filmmakers give more strength to biographies of famous women than men, or how to explain a great variety of stories about the lovely ladies?
Pretty In Pink - French drama about the life and work of Edith Piaf, taken with the participation of the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. This singer for many years considered the heart of Paris and one of the constituent parts of the cultural France. This is a story about love and commitment of love to what is already in life.

3) Capote (2005)

But why lie about men also shoot very worthy films. One of them - "Capote", a biographical story of the famous writer, creator of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." However, this is not just an American drama, it's almost criminal history.
The plot of the movie tells the story of a newspaper article from which Capote learned of the brutal massacre, during which killed a family of four. The writer, who has decided to look into the incident, spent on the investigation for several years and created a new literary genre - the novel reportage.

4) Hitchcock (2012)

This is the American story of the greatest directors - Alfred Hitchcock. This is a film about how the director filmed. It turns out, of course, a pun, but only in the description of this creation. In fact, "Hitchcock" - this is an interesting story about how the director decided to put the experiment on himself and give up your favorite suspense film, shot in black-and-white picture of the psycho-to play on the emotions of the viewer.

5) Finding Neverland (2004)

Since I started the topic of men's talk about another writer - Matthew Barry, who, incidentally, has played everyone's favorite Johnny Depp. This film will help all talented individuals who are in grasping paws creative crisis. After all, the story tells of the failures of the writer, whose plays are one worse than the other. And only acquaintance with a beautiful woman and her children brings him a welcome inspiration, and Matthew Barry creates the famous "Peter Pan».

6) Walk the Line (2005)

Biographical film, taken jointly by the US and Germany, about the life of the legendary country singer Johnny Cash and his second wife, June Carter. This is the story of a boy's life difficult, lost his older brother and not seeing any signs of love from his father. This is a story about a guy who served in the Air Force United States. However, the life of Johnny Cash and had a lot of good things - he had a happy marriage, which had a daughter, and the singer toured the USA with Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

7) The Pianist (2002)

However, about the musicians and have a much more dramatic films. For example, oskoronosny "The Pianist", describing the hard life of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who was truly an outstanding Polish pianist, but a Jew by nationality. He lived in humiliation, suffering, and the eternal struggle in the Warsaw ghetto, but always remained a strong personality.
And, despite the fact that this is a story about one person, it affects the whole terrible war, polivshuyu in the last century the earth with blood. And proves that everyone at that time played a decisive role in the formation of the future world.

8) The Queen (2006)

Returning to the women's biographies, one can not forget the historical drama about Elizabeth II and her "behind the scenes" of relations with Prime Minister Tony Blair, developing on the background of the many problems after the tragic death of Princess Diana. In the country then underwent a massive excitement died after living ideal woman. Inexpressible sadness and sorrow hung in the air, but the queen was doing everything possible to restore the proper, in its view, the procedure.
The meaning of this painting is rather vague. There are suggestions that the author wanted to demonstrate the ease of managing people through the media, but also there is a view of the desire to show the importance of the royal family in the life of the British.

9) The Iron Lady (2011)

Biography of another prominent political figures, the first and only female prime minister of England - Margaret Thatcher, played by the inimitable Meryl Streep and even received for her own well-deserved Oscar. Margaret Thatcher, of course, highly contentious political person, but her strength and knowledge of the field of activity is not in doubt. It is therefore interesting to look at the history of this iron woman - that lies behind the image of a lady minister?

10) Coco Before Chanel (2009)

One of the most "fashionable" - French film with a charming Audrey Tautou. The story of famous designers and legendary personality - Coco Chanel. This is a story about the infancy of famous designers at the time when her name nobody knew. This amazing woman just going to try on the fair sex men's suits and little black dresses.


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