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Today, the network has a long-awaited first photos of her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Contrary to the expectations of the public, that the first shot of the starry offspring appear on the cover of the famous magazine in exchange for several million dollars, the father of a three-month North showed a photo baby for free. First exclusive footage appeared in a live TV show Kris Jenner, and only then scattered all over the Internet. According to Kanye, he was not going to cash in on their child:

I do not want the first days of her life to make money on it. It is not right. Secular debut in the program's own grandmother - is quite another!

First photos of children of celebrities are always waiting for the audience with a special curiosity and impatience, and yet the whole world admires newborn North West I invite you to remember the most awaited star kids photos.

Prince George - son of the Duchess Catherine and Prince William

Unlike many stars who muryzhat their fans and paparazzi for months without showing newborn children, Kate and William showed his son to the public at the exit from the hospital. Then the journalists managed to do a great shot with the image of the newborn royal heir, but the official pictures of the little prince appeared on the network later - their father did Kate.

William and Kate have repeatedly criticized the fact that they are too quick to give journalists access to their son, but the young parents, this fact did not bother:

Yes, we are happy with Catherine, and yes, we want to show our son to everyone who wants to see him. Like any parents, we believe that our boy - the most beautiful baby in the world. Yes, that really there, he - a real miracle!
Jackson - son Charlize Theron

Another baby, which wanted to see the photos of the whole world, was the son Charlize Theron Jackson, whom the actress adopted last spring. The first "release of the" Jason had happened in the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle. Then the new mother did not close her child from the cameras of journalists, as he always did, and the paparazzi finally managed to get a picture of a frightened kid.

Vivienne and Knox - the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Twins couple's Jolie-Pitt have become not only the most long-awaited star kids in the world, but also the most "expensive". First public photos of newborn babies appeared on the pages of Hello for 13 million. Dollars - the amount that has not yet managed to beat any of the Star Child. By the way, the first photos of the biological daughter Shiloh, Angelina and Brad have been sold for the publication of People more than 4 million.

Max and Emma - twins Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

First Photo Jail children and Mark appeared on the cover of People magazine in exchange for $ 6 million. With this money, Jennifer is not only made the world talk about their kids, but also to repair the damage from the failure of the painting "Gigli" with his participation, which barely grossed 7 million.


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