The most interesting kinobiografii famous people

For you selected the most interesting and worth kinobiografii famous people in the history of cinema,
that most faithfully retold in the film.

"Man on the Moon", dir. Milos Forman, 1999

Andy Kaufman had a very strange sense of humor - so strange that laughed at his jokes, not all. Great Milos Forman, known for his expression is one thing - to spend on a movie for two hours, and quite another - two years of life, and therefore is always very carefully selecting their projects, found that the "strangeness" is worthy of the time spent on it. And I made a film in which the hero is presented extraordinary wit around the brilliance. Kaufman played one of his loyal fans - Jim Carrey.

"The Color of Pomegranates", dir. Sergei Paradjanov, 1968

Perhaps the most original "biopic" ever created in the world: the history of the Armenian poet Sayat Nova Paradjanov embodied a purely visual metaphors. Hurriedly, without any special training to understand this will be difficult, but those who are considering the movie is not as entertainment but as art, this painting is revered among the main masterpieces of cinema. In different ages Poet depict different actors, from which it makes sense to Sophiko Chiaureli.

"Fifteen rooms, or a sentimental journey to the Motherland", dir. Andrew Hrzhanovsky 2008

Another biography of the poet - this time Joseph Brodsky. Not such a "tricky" like Paradjanov, but no less artfully invented and made difficult - in different cinematic techniques. Here and staging a movie, and deftly simulated document and unexpected, but impressive animated inserts! .. As in the case of Sayat-Nova, a film - not monotonous like the study "Lives of Remarkable People", and attempt to penetrate into the spiritual world, in the work of the poet in his poetry. A very successful attempt. Nobel laureate played Gregory Dityatkovsky.

"Ed Wood", dir. Tim Burton, 1994


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