Comfortable apartment is not from the developer

One student Dad bought an apartment. And now she will try to make her more comfortable than that suggested the developer.

That's the apartment was to redesign

My suggestion was made to rebuild everything from the first version. With the addition of half loggia area is increased by 4 m

Living Room. Since Dad asked to meet in a small budget, I chose the furniture of domestic producers. However, a folding table by Karim Rashid, I think we must take

On the toilet, she laundry room, you're already familiar from previous posts, here only change the color of the door

Bedroom, I proposed (title picture), has just rebuilt the hostess wishes for

Bathroom. Continue to make mistakes on purpose to teach future designers. And the girl coped by proposing to change the color of the veneer cabinets under the sink, a more appropriate, under the color of the door.

Do you think that's all there in the apartment for 19-year-old girl?



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