Salvaged belongings in a fire. Part 3.

Continuing reflection on the topic "What would I have taken from a burning house in the first place?" Some people thought present here truly staggering. From the second part of the release can be found here.

Name: K. Pandey
Age: 53 year
Location: Athens
Occupation: Manager of Tourism
• Guitar
• Sneakers

Name: Blyuenn
Age: 2 years
Location: France
Occupation: child
• Frog Jasper
• Teat (black, with a shard)
• Heart
• The book "Olivia»
• Favorite shoes
• Night light in the form of a rabbit
• panama
• Favorite chair
• Mom and Dad (not pictured)

Name: Anna Meiko
Age: 26 years
Location: Barcelona
Occupation: biology student
• Bag
• Hat
• Rose-colored glasses
• Chain with rose
• Things Petit carré
• The book by Haruki Murakami
• purse fuchsia
• Mirror
• Homemade letter A
• Notepad
• Handle
• iPod Touch
• The disc «The Best of The Doors»
• Telephone
• Necklace with pink quartz
• Frog

Name: Mark Whitfield
Age: 42 year
Location: London
Occupation: Photographer
• My favorite mug
• wallet with a picture of the flag of Great Britain
• Passport
• Sweets
• Clock
• The Benchwarmers wood from Patrick Earle - artist, whom I met in New York
• Mexican blanket
• Bear, which made my daughter
• My teddy bear from childhood
• Bear transformer
• Cameras - my working tool
• The icon
• iPhone
• External hard drive
• Bag for equipment
• Skateboard

Name: Caroline Schmidt Borba
Age: 17 years
Location: Blumenau, Brazil
Occupation: Student
• Parents, sister and a dog (not pictured)
• Discs group «Green Day»
• Favorite Scarf
• Ring with owl
• Broken guitar
• A box with old photos
• A box with contact lenses
• Case for the camera, the camera Canon Rebel T1I and lenses Sigma APO DG


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