Fire on "Khartron"

The terrible fire that occurred the day before yesterday at the Kharkov plant "Hartron" illustrates how corruption in Ukraine to claim lives. Under the cut video and comments to witnesses.

eyewitness of the tragedy gave way people get out from the windows of the burning building to escape the fire, and did not receive help from firefighters. Fire fighters have no ladders required length, no tents, in order to save people jumping. All that they can - to water the flames with water, but this is not enough. One person breaks down and falls from the height of the fourth floor, unable to get off at the second to the third floor air conditioner. Fallen man fell to his death.

Total crashed - two. They died because polutoramillionnom city firefighters time there was no piece of canvas and 40-meter ladder. In another country, people who have got into this situation, could survive, but in Ukraine, money that could be spent on new fire trucks and tents, go to helicopters for Yanukovych, kickbacks in tenders, the celebration of the anniversary of the Stakhanov movement, or spent on benches for Kharkiv Metro at a price "Lanos". Yes, corruption - this is not just a bribe traffic cops bought and exams in high school. It is also a deadly threat. Because we do not have enough fire stairs, and in the hospital - necessary resuscitation equipment. Because at the critical moment will not help you because of the fact that the Minister Tabachnik ordered from Khoroshkovsky tutorials 200 USD, and the Minister Kolesnikov suffered gigantomania and built for Euro 2012 unnecessarily large airports and train stations for billions.

The price of one fire engine with a 30-meter ladder - 270 thousand dollars. The total cost of the fleet of the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes - about 2, 5 million dollars. Draw your own conclusions.

Fatalities, by the way, could save a normal kopeck piece of tarpaulin, which would not cost the city treasury nothing. Or a special trampoline for such cases. This is how in this video. These pillows can save people falling from a height of 10 floors. But Kharkov no fire and such a simple device.

Just as easily and naturally could be saved Kharkiv, fell to his death. The price of this "cube life" about 40 thousand hryvnia.

Regarding the action of fire, a couple of people painted on the Kharkov forum:

On tankers have only the standard manual three-section ladders, reach the 3rd floor, all that above - a ladder. But there is no mechanical stairs in each part. For example, in the near of the fire is not part of the 27 ladders.
Fire tactics so-called "two stroke" (standard fire guard goes to the two machine - 1 and 2 stroke) be set to hydrant, because available in containers of 2-3 cubic meters of water may not be enough to extinguish the fire, especially at such a facility - like plant. So naturally, arriving cars once installed on hydrants, .t.k. no one can say what will fire and how much water is required.
As for the "pouring of Fire" - it was not quenching and cooling to reduce thermal radiation at hanging on the windows.
It's not that we want to protect firefighters. The training material base is not on top, to put it mildly. © Noldor

At 11.29 comes first signal to the control GU GSCHS. An alarm is raised 27 fire station (on Chkalova), it is the closest to the fire, and the fire station guard 1 (Field Pavlova). In the video we see the first arriving fire brigade guard 27 (00:52 - the timing of the video), the guys begin combat deployment, remove the three sectional ladder and begin its installation on the visor balconies (right part of the video).
This is the answer to the question, why not put it under the window on the left side - its height does not allow to get the source of fire. By 4:00 Video Battle guard sets the ladder and rescues two people (with 3 minutes passed from the time of arrival). During the installation of the stairs the same combat crew tries feeding hoses and fire monitor to cool the heat from the source of fire, thus reducing the heat.
By 2:30 the video comes guard 1 firehouse (2 trucks, fire motor ladder 1). The inverter 03.15 guard 1 starts the installation of the same 3 sectional ladder, as I wrote above its height is not enough, that would get to the fire. The idea was to use this 3 sektsionki using scaling ladders to get to the source of fire and rescue people from the left side of the video. All this was done in parallel with the installation of ladders.
Now on ladders. Specificity of its use is that it can only operate at a flat surface and mounted supports. Therefore, a ladder and pulled into the ground. Further videos 5:34 Guard 1 inverter starts evacuating people from the building and fire from the ground by applying the trunks onto the heat source. Due to the fact that the fire motor ladder was to remove the victims from the left side of the building, I was ordered not to use 3 sectional ladder and ground attack. The problem of installation of the same ladders was still in the same unstable and wear of the extension mechanism (lifting ladders accompanied by strong jerks and long distance.) By 8:30 Video injured were evacuated via stairways.
Now, about the fact that it did not help to climb the stairs: fire motor ladder is controlled by the driver. For I have said at the time the call was 8:00 on the AC 3 (2 with 1 drive and one drive with 27). Priority was thrown forces to evacuate people from the building and location of the fire. Due to the shortage of personnel in the first 15 minutes of a fire this person has not been possible to provide assistance.
By 9:00 the video comes guard 18 IF (m.Studentcheskaya), with no AC and fire motor ladder is 50 m. 10:00 firefighting headquarters comes with AC and AL (9 fire department, Shevchenko str., 8). After that already begin to locate and extinguish the fire.
About the "cube life", canvas, etc: unfortunately they are not in service !!! And your conjectures that if deployed a blanket or cloth, do not stress tarp or "cube", in the fall, even with the condition in the center of the canvas, the man could not be saved. It is simply torn.
I will not say that the actions of firefighters were perfect, but the guys did everything they could. Trust among them there are a lot of people who are willing to risk their lives for others. This is an example of a fire at pr.Moskovskom 216/1.
It was then, too, there was a problem with the installation of ladders, good then at the last minute and managed to save the child and the mother.
Bereaved families offer my condolences! And from this fire is many conclusions. © MNS_27

Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes social network Instagram rudely replied one of the users who wrote about the absence of a normal fire fighting equipment in Kharkov.

And here is the answer to the mayor:

Recall, January 8 in Kharkov in the "Khartron" there was a fire that killed 8 people.



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