Fire on the market Heroes of the Dnieper

The main control PPP in Kiev reported official information about the previous major fires near the metro Heroes of the Dnieper in Kiev Obolon district.

In particular, rescuers reported that at 22:20 on the street. Heroes of the Dnieper, 41, in the territory of PAO market Obolon on the roof of the central pavilion there was a fire, the area of ​​which was about 600 square meters. m.

At 0:22 seventeen fire-rescue department of a main control PPP in Kiev the fire was extinguished. No casualties were reported. Cause of the fire is established. At the scene worked Task Force

In fact the incident is under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

How to write the users of social networks and forums, near the market began to gather angry traders. They believe that the market caught fire as a result of arson.

According to witnesses, the fire occurred in the vegetable rows and then quickly spread to other ranks. People have reported several explosions, presumably, they were gas cylinders. It is estimated to witnesses, the fire spread over 300 square meters of retail space.

The fire was so strong that it could be seen even with a Minsk metro station, residents Troyeshchyna and drivers at the Moscow bridge reported that they had heard the smell of smoke.

According to Vlad Clooney on Youtube, who managed to remove a catastrophe in the video, "the explosion was not great I thought someone undermines something like pitardy ... then went to the balcony ... there is burning».

Another netizen Kirill Kurochkin said: "There is everything in real time, the explosion was very similar to a gas cylinder, a pillar of fire»

According to eyewitnesses the fire was extinguished about half past midnight. Burned furniture store, shops with carpets and building materials. On the other damage is not yet known.

Recall that three years ago Obolon already burning market. Fire occurred around 20:00 and close at nine o'clock the fire was extinguished. Total on-site there are three fire engines.

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