Umbrellas in high-tech style

Last summer days wither ... While the sun shines more brightly, presenting us a golden tan, I do not want to think about the rain, which is not far off. However, such an accessory, like an umbrella, should always be waiting in the wings - because autumn weather is so changeable! Ordinary Umbrella is no surprise, therefore, designers have to strain gyrus, to come up with a special model. After all, the umbrella - this is not the shoes, its shape and texture is not particularly clear up. However, the umbrellas, which embodied the elements of hi-tech accessories on the market in 2013 - this is something new. Previously, such a model created "for the Chamber of Curiosities," that is not for general sale. Now, 'smart' umbrellas in high-tech style became closer and more accessible

Umbrella Jedi

Nylon umbrella with a telescopic handle, which lights up when the nomination of neon light as the lightsabers of the "Star Wars." Feel like a Jedi can be for $ 100 - this is the average price of this model in specialized stores

Waterproof nano-umbrella

Model NanoNuno manufactured using technologies that allow moisture to slide on the polyester fabric, without lingering on the surface; shaking this umbrella, you get it completely dry

Umbrella forecaster

This umbrella is able to predict the weather, and this is no joke! Model Ambient Forecasting Umbrella with built-in mini-computer in a pen that has a relationship with the site warn its owner about the possibility of rain or snow light ripple handle

The whole world in your umbrella!

Umbrella, with which you can surf the Internet, use social networks, shoot photos, videos and upload them to the Web? Fantastic? No, reality! Japanese craftsmen developed an umbrella with the functions of a personal computer, and is currently working on the introduction of a GPS-system


Umbrella with integrated iPods will soon become a must-hevom for every self-respecting geek. The volume of sound is governed by the speed of movement of the umbrella in the space: if you shake an umbrella, you can play music at full capacity

Umbrella Opening Day

Another creation of Japanese inventors. Umbrella is made of a special material called ePaper, which allows the output to the media image and thus change the digital drawing on fabric

Umbrella Solar

The fabric of the umbrella also has a mini-bar, which can be recharged by solar light, and the LEDs 16 allow the umbrella to be used as a light source for 4 hours! Embroider by such a "luminary" is certainly uncomfortable, but for a romantic dinner is an essential attribute

Deflates umbrella

Very ergonomic accessory! Model Bumpbrella equipped with a mini-pump that allows the umbrella inflates and deflates. With it, you can not worry that the handle jammed and an umbrella will be impossible to roll


Wi-Fi stick

Another umbrella with synoptic features. His handle is equipped vayfay module that allows you to monitor the weather on the Internet. The greater probability of precipitation, the stronger the glow pen umbrella


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